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Nai’Ma… A New Star is Born !

Nai’Ma, a young artist inspired by Diana Ross, works to flip music industry “Upside Down” with release of debut single.

New York— Upcoming young artist Nai’Ma is entering the music scene channeling the R&B and soul of Legendary singer Diana Ross in her first single. The singer released a cover song of the 1980s international chart-topping single “Upside Down.”

“When I think of R&B, Soul music and Jazz, Diana Ross instantly comes to mind. She’s such a powerhouse vocalist and helped shape the music landscape for female artists. ” Nai’Ma said. “To cover Upside Down as my first single means a lot to me. This song put Diana on the map as a global artist. I put my style and twist on the classic”.

Several music industry heavy hitters joined Nai’Ma to create the cover track including multi-platinum music producer Tizone, who has worked with Mary J Blidge, Keith Sweat and other top R&B and Hiphop artists. Chicago rapper Lucci Damus, known as one of the fastest rappers in the United States, spits a fiery virus on the song. BMG records producer Justin Mercelina performed mixing and mastering. 

“This is a fun, up-tempo song about a guy who turns a woman’s emotions upside down and inside out. It’s a powerful track of Diana Ross that tells women to take their power in their relationships.” Nai’Ma said.

Born in France, Nai’Ma started singing when she was a teenager. She worked with different producers and record companies in Paris and has done background vocals for many artists before launching her own career. She has been inspired by Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Diana Ross and many Gospel and RnB artists.

Nai’Ma plans to release an official music video for her Diana Ross “Upside Down” cover in early 2022. The single is available for download and streaming on Itunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and other music platforms around the world.

To listen to Nai’Ma, visit her Spotify page:

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