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Top 3 Classical Actors 2024

The world-class New York Theatre Festival is in full swing and we delight in the incredible talent it brings us, year after year. Want to find the best of the best, but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry–we are here to help you!

We all know the mark of a truly great actor, an expert in his craft, is mastery of the classics. And every year, the very best of the best come down to our very own NYC to compete among the crème de la crème.

But even in the melting pot of excellence that is our beloved Big Apple, there are those who manage to stand out above their peers. Today we focus on actors who master the classics, with an ability to play contemporary: those who stood out, undeniably, leading the charge into a new age of theatre.

1. Jacklyn Uweh

Jacklyn “Jackie” Uweh is an exceptional American actress and comedian celebrated for her innovative contributions to Smosh. A dynamic performer, Jackie’s latest accolade is joining the inaugural mainstage cast of The Second City in New York City, debuting on November 16, 2023. Her departure from Smosh in August 2023 marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter in her career. Jackie’s remarkable journey from Stockton, California to becoming a trailblazing figure in comedy showcases her boundless talent and creativity. Bravo, Jackie, for shining so brightly!

2. Hraban Luyat

Hraban Luyat has taken New York’s Shakespeare scene by storm, blending European, British, and American pedigree. His portrayal of Thomas in “Bull” at Vino Theatre was a sell-out success, but this year has seen him establish himself as an expert of theatre classics: an incredible Kulygin in an adaptation of Checkhov’s Three Sisters, followed by a riveting performance as King Charles VI in the ultimate test of acting excellence: a no-rehearsal production of “Henry V.” His portrayal of Leonato proved an essential ingredient to this year’s “Much Ado About Nothing” and cements his position among New York’s Shakespeare leads and delivers a clear message: he is here to stay.

3. Michael Stuhlbarg

Michael Stuhlbarg, a versatile American actor known for his excellence in film, television, and theatre, has recently returned to Broadway, starring in the play Patriots. Written by Peter Morgan, the drama explores the life of Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky during the Soviet Union’s fall. Stuhlbarg’s portrayal of Berezovsky has garnered acclaim, bringing Hollywood-level talent and depth to the stage. His performance in Patriots has earned him a second Tony Award nomination, reinforcing his reputation as an actor capable of bridging the worlds of Hollywood and Broadway with remarkable skill.

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