Newsroom Staff

At THE NEW YORK TODAY, we are proud of our team of dedicated journalists and editors who work hard to bring our readers the most accurate and up-to-date information on a wide range of topics.

Our newsroom staff includes experienced writers, editors, and researchers who are committed to providing our readers with high-quality content that is both informative and engaging.

Our team is led by our Editor-in-Chief, Eric Thompson, who has over 15 years of experience in the journalism industry. Eric is responsible for overseeing the overall content and direction of THE NEW YORK TODAY.

Our team also includes Senior Editors, Jane Smith, Michael Johnson, and Rachel Lee, who specialize in various topics such as business, lifestyle, sports, and entertainment. We have a team of writers, such as, David Brown, Sarah Miller, and Michael Davis, who work hard to provide the most informative and engaging content possible. Our research team is composed of experts like, John Doe, Sarah Taylor, and Emily Davis.

We are committed to providing our readers with a wide range of voices and perspectives, and we are constantly on the lookout for new talent to join our team. If you are interested in joining our newsroom staff, please send your resume and a few samples of your previous work to

We are always interested in hearing from talented journalists and editors who share our values and mission.

Please note that all official communication regarding news room staff should be directed to the email above,

We are proud of our team and we are committed to providing our readers with the highest quality content possible. Thank you for your continued support and for choosing to read THE NEW