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Is author Christopher Laird Ready for Tinseltown?

Christopher Laird, acclaimed author of the bestselling “Origins” series, is making waves in the literary and potentially cinematic world with his latest novel, “The Journey Of Tanis.” Known for his gripping narratives and compelling characters, Laird has ventured into new territory with this departure from his renowned series.

“The Journey Of Tanis” tackles a thrilling premise: a looming GRB (Gamma-Ray Burst) hurtling towards Earth, concealed by the government. The narrative unfolds as they devise a perilous mission to intercept the cosmic threat, one that promises success at the cost of never returning home. Central to the story is Brianna Alsobrooks, a decorated astronaut thrust into a mission fraught with deception and hidden agendas.

In contrast to Laird’s “Origins” series, which has garnered international acclaim for its rich storytelling and multifaceted characters, “The Journey Of Tanis” explores a more intimate yet equally enthralling narrative. Laird’s ability to weave intricate plots with deeply human characters has set him apart in the sci-fi genre.

Xona Bari, the flagship character of the “Origins” series, epitomizes Laird’s talent for creating compelling protagonists. Her blend of strength and vulnerability has resonated with readers worldwide, laying a strong foundation for potential cinematic adaptation. With Laird’s background in directing adaptations of his work for the stage, speculation is rife that Hollywood could be the next destination for his creative vision.

“I really hope we get the green light to do a movie on the series,” Laird shared with The New York Today. “There are so many moving parts…and lots of money involved, but I just want the world to see this exciting series on the big screen. We were able to get it on stage, so Hollywood is the next step, right?”

When asked about the possibility of optioning all his books into movies, Laird remained optimistic. “The possibility is certainly there. I’ve been writing movie scripts since I was a kid, then I started writing books as I got older.”

Reflecting on his venture into a new series with “The Journey Of Tanis,” Laird expressed enthusiasm for the novel’s departure from traditional sci-fi tropes. “It was fun writing ‘The Journey Of Tanis.’ It’s not your typical Armageddon sci-fi drama, and I think people will love it.”

With “Origins: The Secrets of Mykia” poised for potential adaptation into major theatres, insiders have drawn parallels between Laird’s series and cultural phenomena like Star Wars, citing its narrative depth, memorable characters and the potential to be the next big franchise. As Laird continues to captivate audiences with his literary prowess, the prospect of Hollywood beckons, promising a new chapter in his creative journey.

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