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Taxpayer who owed $150,000 SAVED by Tax Defender USA

Tax Defender USA came into contact with a taxpayer who was originally receiving services from a competitor tax company. This client was promised results and told that their tax problem would be solved professionally and sufficiently. After speaking with the client our Chief Operating Officer Joseph Canova found that this company was not helping her at all. Joseph began to research and gain information on how he can quickly lead her to financial freedom, and break down all of her resources to give her a solution to her tax problem. Furthermore, the client made the decision to partner with Tax Defender USA in resolving this issue. Joseph was able to get the client a great settlement with the IRS, without having to speak to anyone from the IRS.

Located on 40 wall street in the heart of the financial district, Tax Defender USA is a family run business that is here to help American citizens save millions of dollars from the IRS. President Thomas Cahill , his brother CEO Michael Cahill and Chief Operating Officer Joseph Canova started this company with a genuine heart to help American taxpayers solve their IRS problems once and for all. Family man through and through, Michael enlisted the aid of his brother Thomas Cahill & his best friend Joseph Canova, they started their own tax relief business from the comfort of their home kitchen. Within half a year, Tax Defender USA’s monthly gross matched that of full-fledged offices with three times as much experience in the industry. It was at that point he knew he had something special on his hands. Alongside his brother Thomas and childhood friend Joseph, the trio took Tax Defender USA to 40 Wall Street, partnering with a local accounting firm.

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