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Inalienable Rights versus Abuse making the right impression in Hollywood

New York, NY – Entertainment Insider “This book presents evidence that the United States is on fire,” roars the opening salvo of R. Q. Public’s Inalienable Rights versus Abuse: A Commonsense Approach to Public Policy. Public’s comprehensive discourse on America’s decline covers a wide range, from poverty and poor parenting to police brutality and globalization.

The approach is methodical. The author works hard to define his concepts, the most important being those of “inalienable rights”—those we are born with and that can’t be rescinded—and of abuse. Abuse, he explains, is when “any group, government, or individual … deprive[s] a citizen of his or her opportunities to experience inalienable rights.” Inalienable rights, in turn, include those enshrined in the Declaration of Independence: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Abuse of these gifts, says Public, is “widespread” in America.

As quoted by Blueink Book Review “Public’s writing is conversational and clear, avoiding jargon or the kind of political ranting that is so common these days. Public also includes a helpful glossary and index.
As per our sources, Public’s team has received an offer for future film adaptation with a known company in Los Angeles. As of this writing, he and his team is working with the needed requirements for Hollywood acquisition process.

Something to look forward to screen fellas!

About the Author

R Q Public (1947- ) was born in Erie, PA. He is a graduate of Gannon College and Slippery Rock University (Counseling Services and Sustainable Systems). He was inspired in 2012 to determine the causes and solution to school bullying. His book Inalienable Rights vs. Abuse is the product of that effort. Public is dedicated to living in a way that would allow the race to sustain itself if everyone would live likewise. He is an active Unitarian Church member.

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