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Hope for Them Foundation and Councilwoman Rita Joseph Bring Christmas Cheer to the Community with Toy Drive

Dave Drake, Rita Joseph & Mike Jean. Photo by FeYoWewTV

Christmas came early for a group of public school kids in Flatbush, Brooklyn. The Hope for Them Foundation acted as Santa in a workshop, setting up toys on display for the children to choose from. They were joined by councilwoman Rita Joseph and brought the Christmas spirit into full swing with an MLife-sponsored musical guest.

The event was an inspiring one. Eighty children made their way through the door and were delighted to find a selection of toys to choose from. Dolls and playsets were joined by trucks and helicopters, giving children with all different interests a chance to smile. The event was organized by non-profit Hope for Them, but the successful outcome was a true team effort.

Among this team was New York City councilwoman Rita Joseph, Hope for Them founder Mike Jean, and MLife Music Group-sponsored musical artist, Dave Drake.

Rita Joseph has committed her career to community work. At the time of the toy drive, she had not yet been sworn into office but was already making good on her promises to keep community service as her central focus.

The Hope for Them Foundation is a non-profit founded by Mike Jean before he founded MLife Music Group, a philanthropic record label focused on healing through music. Music is central to both projects and allows them to work concurrently to bring hope to those who need it most. In this case, it was the students of P.S.6.

The event had another special treat in store. In keeping with the spirit of the giving season, MLife organized a performance by Dave Drake. He sat behind a keyboard piano setting the mood of the event with holiday tunes.

A few moments prompted him to strike up a different tune: happy birthday. The children who share their special day with the holiday season were given the extra warmth and love they deserve at this wonderful charity event.

As with all events Hope For Them and MLife is involved in, the idea here was to keep the spirit of the season alive. The foundation and the label were in good company with Rita Joseph, who also brought reason to celebrate at the Toy Drive event. She would be sworn into the city council the next day, December 21, giving her the chance to fulfil a campaign centred around ​​justice, equality, and recovery. The event took special note of this and honoured her for outstanding community work.

Council Women Rita Joseph

Community work is at the forefront of the Hope For Them Foundation. It is the mission of community, togetherness, and hope for the future that drives what they do. Though slightly different in their nature, MLife Music Group shares the same goal: to bring a sense of unity and positive change to the communities who need it.

In the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, Hope for Them made sure that the reason for all the celebrations was not lost. They celebrated the community work of the newly minted councilwoman and celebrated the love and hope in the hearts of children who received new toys.

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