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Cruz Restoration and Remodeling bringing art to construction

How often do you think of art when you think of construction? Well Cruz Restoration and Remodeling is combining the two and is really bringing a much different approach to construction.

Aside from being local to Denver and family owned they are really standing out in their own way.

Alex (owner) And his team are all artist outside of construction. Some are Dancers, drawers, Singers, media creators and more.

It’s always amazing to learn what drives construction workers to build.

They believe that bringing an artistic view to construction is highly important because they truly feel like they can build an amazing custom home to your desire.

Sometimes building isn’t just construction and that’s exactly what Alex and his team is here to show.

“It truly trickles down to the tiny details and knowing where to get a little creative is where being an artist stands out. I believe that bringing fulfillment here at work is highly important because it takes away the 9-5 feeling and really adds a lot of satisfaction.  “Alex Cruz Quoted.

If you are in the market to do some remodeling work, make sure to give Cruz Restoration and Remodeling a call!


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