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Rising New York Based Muslim YouTuber, Mustafa Hussain, Makes Headlines

In today’s generation, technology has allowed the birth of influencers. These include Tiktokers, Instagrammers, and in the case of Mustafa Hussain, YouTubers.

Among famous Muslim influencers like NAS daily and Adam Saleh, Mustafa Hussain is another emerging YouTuber who is making people smile through his content.

His videos encourage ideas of generosity and morality, thereby spreading noble vibes and good deeds. 

Hussain’s Journey Begins

Mustafa Hussain, a 25-year-old selfless individual based in New York, is a civil engineering graduate who began his YouTube career back in 2015.

While his initial videos contained a few fun pranks, he soon realized he was meant for more “meaningful” content.

His first video, “Giving Eid Gifts to Strangers,” went viral and had 200k views initially. Since then, Hussain has amassed a fan following of over 500k people worldwide through his social media platforms and has over 255k subscribers just on his YouTube Channel.

YouTube Vertical

With help from his best friend, Ahmed Atieh, Hussain creates content that highlights the idea of generosity and emphasizes upon giving back to society.

All his videos are focused on recording people’s reactions after Hussain exhibits a kind action.

From giving free groceries to free food in Ramadan, and random payments for strangers’ meals, Hussain has done most, if not all, to spread smiles. 

His most popular video, “Making Strangers Smile,” has around 8.9 million views, and encourages everyone to make others happy by performing small acts of kindness.


Once Hussain’s videos began making waves, a few of them caught the eye of major conglomerates, paving the way to brand collaborations.

For example, in his video “Making Strangers Smile,” Hussain can be seen handing out Hershey’s chocolate bars to strangers.

This caught the attention of Hershey’s, a huge chocolate manufacturing company.

The company has since collaborated with Hussain to create an advert depicting that Hershey’s brings people together.

Hershey’s teamed up with Mustafa again in 2019 for a TV commercial, and so Hussain’s journey of collaborating continued to turn the wheel.

What Does The Future Hold for Hussain?

As per Hussain, his passion for contributing to a kind cause and spreading peaceful vibes has just begun. He plans something big in the future.

While currently working on similar future projects, Hussain states he hopes to launch a Muslim Charity. Until then, he tries to abstain from acts considered unholy in Islam and strives to become a role model for fellow Muslims.

If you are looking for peaceful, heart-warming videos, stay tuned to his channel for better content and to follow his journey.


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