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VIRTUE Clan Reaching $100 Million in Net Worth After 2021 Valuation

It was ten years in the making, but the Norwegian-based VIRTUE Clan Organization has finally arrived at the nine digits club. 

In 2021 The VIRTUE Clan Organization received over $15 million in investment capital through several rounds funding that brought the attention and wallets of many angel investors.  The purpose of the fundraising was to expand The VIRTUE Clan’s social network as well as for the continued development of novel business solutions.  This additional funding and the extended reach that it brings moved VIRTUE’s net worth valuation above $100 million.

The VIRTUE Clan has been in the entertainment business for ten years and is a full-service digital intelligence agency and a private network.  The VIRTUE Clan works with High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI), those in the entertainment industry, organizations, and other operations worldwide.

The majority of the VIRTUE Group’s public recognition is in the entertainment industry.  During the last decade, the VIRTUE Clan Agency, AKA (VCA) has been developing, connecting, managing, promoting, and directly consulting thousands of HNWI’s, athletes, models, entrepreneurs, uniquely skilled creators of digital and traditional media, projects, and organizations within multiple industries in over 40 countries.  They have successfully managed and expanded hundreds of brands over the years. Currently, the VIRTUE Clan Agency is representing, promoting, and supervising over 600 separate entities from different fields, which are targeting different audiences, industries, and genres.  It should also be noted that five percent of the entities that the VIRTUE Clan Agency is working with are either partially or entirely owned by the VIRTUE Group.

The model that the VIRTUE Clan has developed for promotion is quite unique.  Every potential VIRTUE Clan Member is carefully picked, reviewed, and approved by the Clan’s staff before they can be signed with the agency.  Once the relationship agreement is finalized the client’s social and traditional media platforms of choice are then digitally inter-connected with the Clan’s private network system.  This process means a comprehensive coding, administration, and management that is conducted by the VIRTUE Clan Agency’s Dev Ops team, the community managers, and account managers, respectively, with final strategy and authorizations provided by the company board. 

In the age of audio and visual social media, with the likes of Instagram, streaming services, and Tik Tok holding more and more of the public’s interest and the avenue for exposure, the Clan’s in-house studios are focused on the creation of engaging, appealing, and high-quality visuals, most suitable for these mediums.  Promotions are all created from the ground up to deliver the crafted message, best able to promote the entity or entities under the Clan’s umbrella.

The Clan works directly with an experienced group of trusted creators, 3D artists, FX specialists, editors, photographers, videographers, directors, producers, songwriters, composers, and engineers.  All these forces are coming together to deliver a satisfying final product that even the pickiest perfectionist would be proud of.  Each Clan member has an unique target portfolio that defines such things as the targeted language, gender, interests, behaviours, device, followers, geography, and keywords.  The promotions and co promotions are all designed to best attract the eyes in interests of these targets.  The result is an elevation of the Clan member’s digital presence and overall exposure that leads to the desired fame and influence. 

As the size of the network of Clan members grows, so too does the total influencer power of the VIRTUE Clan.  This network effect is such that when a new member comes into the fold, there can be several possibilities for cross-promotion that will boost both of the members’ reach and influence.  This is part of the reason for the stringent VCA approval process for potential members.  The VIRTUE Clan wants to ensure that the members will be substantial additions to the network providing their own value, not just milking the influence of current members. 

On the music side, the results of the Clan’s efforts can be seen with over 10,000 hits playlisted across all of the major streaming music platforms.  With the network of interconnected influencers, clients, and members of the Clan already in place, new members have seen speedy organic growth.  The VIRTUE Clan claims that accepted tracks into their promotional program can see playlist results in as little as three days. 

The VIRTUE Clan’s business was moved into high gear with the rapid expansion of the digital era that was further accelerated during the global COVID pandemic.  Their focus is on expanding the world of cyberspace, and the VIRTUE team is dedicated to creating a new era of productivity, development, and connection through the supply of new solutions, free-trade zones, and social ecosystems that are meant to support their members and communities around the world.

In the recent months, the VIRTUE Clan organization has also gained a new avenue of additional influence in the hot NFT trade.  Their recent claim to fame is holding more NFTs than of any other Nordic / European Network.  This November they collaborated with the administration behind the NFT.NYC event to bring the most talented artists and projects from Scandinavia to the biggest billboard in Time Square and started gaining a lot of traction from BitClout investors around the world.  Bitclout is a crypto social network that is decentralized and owned by its users rather than a giant tech company.  All members receive a credit, and the various content creators/influencers have their own coin.  These coins can be bought, sold, or traded, and the more buying of a creator coin, the higher the price of their coin.  With this new creator status, the VIRTUE Clan is moving into a new potential revenue space for themselves and new clan members.

The addition of NFTs and the influx of new capital from angel investors seems like a small stepping stone for the company as they haven’t publicly commented on the evaluation.
In a recent press conference however, The VIRTUE Clan has hinted that they are developing new technology that is rumored to release later in 2022 which might be a direct response to how the funds will be spent. We are certainly waiting to see a 2022 full of virtuous endeavours.

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