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“Hainchan crochet” saves its spot in US top-selling Crochet Products

Success story of a US top-selling crochet design ideas

It’s not unusual for businesses to make huge investments based on the latest trend. Picking the right trend to get on board with can open up a whole new market, along with a ready-made customer base. But not all trends are here to stay. For crochet business author Hanh Tran, knowing which ones are going to last – and which will soon fade away can be the key to success in the business line.

It is exciting how Hainchan recognizes products and services that will stand the test of time and pick the trend which worth investing in. Having a total of 48 types of products Hainchin has reached 14733 sales just in a few months of time. Having more than 6000 customer base, their growth for the international market is unchallengeable to the market competitors even with the prevailing covid-19 pandemic situation.

While her flagship store is located in 9169 W State St #3339, Garden, Idaho, US, their customer base has currently expanded to almost all the European and Asian regions with record-keeping selling reviews. Having average reviews for a products exceeding one thousand, Hainchan Crochet managed to keep the sales without a single black mark on customer reviews.  Customers to the product source are also invited to experience how these lovely products are manufactured through their own YouTube channel  which is a very unique marketing strategy followed by them.

In times of covid 19 crisis, it may be hard for marketers to know where to begin. In just a few short weeks, people have shifted into protection mode, focused on themselves, their families, their employees, their customers, and their communities. Social media reflects this, with pleas for fellow citizens to follow government safety guidelines. With social distancing keeping many people at home, with the changes of behavioral trends of customers where they have returned to broadcast and other premium media sources for credible information, Hainchan crochets foreseen it and has extended its marketing network through diverse social media platforms. Hainchan Designs are available on their own website;, Instagram, Facebook,  Etsy, Ravely, Pinterest, and YouTube. To quickly pivot creative messages as circumstances change, Hanchin’s customer rapid-response operating models internally and with social media access to the customer problems and questions taking no time to hold back.

Another unrevealed story behind the success of Hanh Tran was the frequent tracking of customers’ behavioral trends which helped them to gain better insights in real-time. Hainchan Crochet designs measured sentiment and consumption trends on a regular basis to better adapt messaging, closely observing the conversation across social media platforms, community sites, and e-commerce product pages to look for opportunities and identify looming crises more quickly.

This was a good example for other competitive firms which should consider quickly building dashboards with this kind of data to fuel the right decisions.

Hanh Tran also considered building deeper connections with their C-suite colleagues to provide insights to executives who, increasingly, will be involved with marketing choices. Their marketing team works closely with finance and operations to forecast different scenarios and potential outcomes, depending on how long the crisis lasts. Currently, Hainchan Crochet is providing more than 20% discounts for their high-quality products while other competitors of theirs failed to do so.

Hainchan Crochet understands that they don’t have all the answers to the market competition but they know that unrealistic expectations of their own abilities hinder, rather than help their business firm. The marker of an exceptional merchant is the ability to determine honestly and quality of what they made. They can then call on the talents of others to make up for their weaknesses.

The author of Hainchan Crochet, Hanh Tran identify four key capabilities that an organization needs from its owner to succeed in challenging times. These are “sensemaking” which is is the ability to understand changes in the business environment and interpret their effect on Crochet firm, “relating” which is the capacity for building relationships and networks of support. Crochet Firm owners who are strong in this area can put forward their own point of view while listening carefully to differing opinions which has been done by the Hanh Tran effectively. “Visioning”, meaning setting a clear view of a future direction that the employee will buy into and want to work to achieve, and “inventing” which is about finding new ways to approach tasks or to overcome seemingly insurmountable problems so that plans can become a reality. No lone individual is going to be good at all of these but having the right people around can help shore up any weak spots which were accomplished by the Hanh Tran.

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