Letters to the Editor — April 23, 2023

Mercy for the rats

Thank you for your article, “Rat-ical proposal” (April 17).

I sympathize with anyone who’s having issues with rodents.

Having said that, any solution should involve the least amount of suffering for these emotional, intelligent beings.

More cleanliness would be a great start.

Also, deterrents like mint sprays and garbage bags could be effective.

Glue traps are horrific.

They do nothing except torture.

Seeing rodents convulsing and miserable from poison is also heartbreaking.

What’s the solution to coexisting with rodents?

I don’t know, but humans being responsible with trash and methods that involve minimal (if any) suffering have to be a part of the plan.

James Scotto

Yorktown Heights

Wrong-turn slay

The young girl, Kaylin Gillis, being allegedly shot in the driveway of miscreant homeowner Kevin Monahan in upstate New York fills me with grief for the victim and disgust for the shooter (“Upstate woman fatally shot on wrong driveway,” April 18).

He had no right to fire at someone who entered his driveway without waiting to see if the driver was using the driveway to turn around.

When I first learned to drive almost 70 years ago, I was taught that if you had to turn around on a narrow street, the safest way was to enter a driveway and back out.

If I need to make a U-turn on a narrow roadway, I continue to do this today.

It’s a legal maneuver that is the safest way to take this action.

I realize that this jerk is going to plead not guilty.

But regardless of how skilled his defense attorney may be, there’s no excuse for what he allegedly did.

He was reportedly in no way threatened, and he had no right to react as he did with his gun.

Not only did he allegedly take the life of this bright young lady, but he also ruined the lives of several families, including that of her boyfriend.

I hope that the jury shows him no mercy, and he goes away for a long time (or possibly the rest of his life).

Warren Goldfein

Mount Arlington, NJ

Bigot at Yale

Yale University, once respected for embracing the Judeo-Christian tradition, bears little resemblance to its motto, “lux et veritas” (“Seder & ‘hater’ at Yale,” April 19).

That the school hosted an ­anti-Semitic speaker on the second night of Passover would have been unthinkable a generation ago.

Houria Bouteldja “has long been one of France’s most controversial academic and political figures,” according to The Post.

And yet, Yale willfully defied the pleas of Jewish groups and invited the anti-Semite anyway.

An academic institution which hosts the likes of Bouteldja no longer deserves the funding of its alumni and Jewish donors.

Brian Stuckey

Denver, Colo.

Bud Light blunder

Dylan Mulvaney was dressed up for the Bud Light campaign to resemble Audrey Hepbrun playing Holly Golightly in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” (“ ‘Clydes’ chides go viral,” April 18).

Hepburn’s look endures as an icon of elegance, style and sophistication — so regardless of the identity of the model, would you ever see such an urbane socialite messily slurping weak beer straight out of the can, not even pouring it into a glass?

Moreover, do the people who already drink Bud Light want to be associated with the prim figures of the city-slicker set?

Whatever Dylan Mulvaney identifies as is irrelevant.

Bud Light was just pushing the wrong image for the wrong product.

Robert Frazer

Lancashire, UK

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