Letters to the Editor — Aug. 9, 2023

The Issue: The US Women’s National Team’s loss to Sweden in the playoffs of the Women’s World Cup.

I’m a patriot (“USWNT’s Flop of the Heap,” Piers Morgan, Aug. 8).

The flag waves in front of my house 24 hours a day. I love my country more than many.

This year’s Women’s World Cup was the first time I wanted any American team to lose. I feel traitorous to my country, but this club’s players, influenced by Meghan Rapinoe, did not put their hands over their hearts or sing along as our national anthem was being played.

I’m sick of feeling this way, but these bratty kids needed to have it handed to them in this tournament. I hope this loss sticks in their craws for years to come, as they could have accomplished something never done before.

It was poetic justice that Megan Rapinoe was the one who lost the game, and she should shoulder that for the rest of her life.

I hope the next team gets the fire back and is a team we can root for again. I sure never want to root against my country ever again.

James Schwartz

Summit, NJ

Megan Rapinoe and her ilk want to politicize the US soccer team.

The fans can play that game, too, and many are happy they lost.

If they don’t like America, why don’t they go play for another country — maybe China?

Jim Millar

Fitzwilliam, NH

Megan Rapinoe
Readers are speaking out on their feelings about Megan Rapinoe and the women’s team.
FIFA via Getty Images

Rapinoe ended her career with a resounding thud.

Her disrespect for our flag, our anthem and our country’s magnificent efforts to better the condition of other countries resulted in a not-unexpected celebration at her failed penalty kick.

Many Americans returned the hate and disrespect that she exhibited while representing our country. She was more an activist.

Rapinoe, along with her teammates, dwelled on our few failures and downplayed our many successes.

Good riddance to an unpatriotic, over-hyped player, who should not have represented our beloved America.

Anthony Bruno


Considering how much they hate America and how they show their disdain on every world stage, members of the US women’s soccer team can now turn their attention to politics.

These America-haters would be shoo-ins to win races for congress in New York, Michigan, Minnesota or California. And that’s especially true for Megan Rapinoe.

Walter Goldeski

East Brunswick, NJ

As an American, I was disappointed by the US women’s soccer team loss to Sweden on Sunday.

However, as a patriot, I was elated with Sweden’s victory, secured in part by Megan Rapinoe’s missed penalty kick.

Most sports fans will quickly forgive a silly missed penalty kick by a very talented player. But it will take much longer for proud Americans to forgive the disrespect to our flag and anthem that Rapinoe and others of her ilk display, apparently without considering the sacrifices of veterans and their families and friends.

Don Whitman

Cross River

Good riddance to the United States women’s soccer team: A bunch of pampered, overrated, gutless America-hating athletes.

It is one thing — and their right — to be critical of a past or present government, but to stand before the world and disrespect our flag and anthem is despicable.

In doing so, they disrespect all those whose sacrifices enabled them to enjoy the pampered, cushy lives they live.

As for the few members of the team who did honor the flag, they, too, share in the shame for not standing up to those who didn’t.

My only regret is that they were not eliminated sooner.

Armand Rose

Arlington, NJ

Patriotic Americans are cheering the USWNT’s loss and elimination from the World Cup playoffs.

They are the most hated team in America for their anti-Americanism. It was a perfect ending. Good riddance.

Let’s hope all the anti-American, leftist woke players are replaced by patriotic girls who are happy to represent the greatest country in the world.

Rick Robinson

Hampton Bays

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