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[HMC No.1 Speaker] The Most Anticipated NFT Project in 2022

10,000 unique NFTs inspired by the No.1 Speaker.

HMC is launching 10,000 Unique NFTs collaborating with the No.1 Speaker.

HMC No.1 Speaker NFT is designed based on a microphone. With unique aspects like sunglasses, headphones, clothes, and ties. HMC team has come out with a simple but trendy design that could thrive in the current NFT market. The team has chosen a gradient background matching the theme of their upcoming HMC metaverse but also a pixel microphone mimicking the No.1 NFT project CryptoPunk.

HMC No.1 Speaker NFT project is planning on releasing its mint page to the public very soon, for a mint price of 0.1 ETH. On the other hand, some NFT the team recently airdropped in their community is already being sold to the public for a whopping 1.25 ETH ($3500) before the project even went live! *[According to OpenSea] With that in mind, HMC fans and NFT’s enthusiasm have all been waiting for their final news.

Other than launching a unique NFT collection to the public, HMC Team has also launched a cryptocurrency [Hamdan Coin] that went public on PancakeSwap last November. “HamdanPlatform is a new, decentralized infrastructure engine that will enable world-changing projects to be created, launched, and brought to market.” They’re gathered and developed by experienced team members worldwide(USA, Australia, France, China, UAE, etc.)  The first such launch project will be the HMC, a game-changing cryptocurrency that will provide a variety of functions and opportunities.

HMC is a token that has passed the industry’s most authoritative CK audit before it went online and is a long-term project that collaborates with one of the members of the Dubai royal family. HMC will help with the deflationary nature of many fiat currencies by providing a digital asset that can be used as a store of value. HMC will also have the power of appreciation, which they believe will help millions of people have a valuable asset to increase their financial stature and situation.

In addition, HMC rewards a 6% CAKE bonus to each user who holds more than 200,000 HMC proportionally (Buying & Selling). Holding HMC could be profitable even the market decided to fluctuate horizontally. HMC holders believe HMC could be the future of the token economy!

While the entire crypto market has been dropping significantly, HMC has also been affected by the major coin *eg: Bitcoin drops over 50% pasted 90 days. With their upcoming NFT, the team is looking forward to seeing the price pumping back to where it originally started. As we have all witnessed, the HMC team has been working very hard from the beginning, the potential is extremely high for their coin to explode. It’s never too late to invest in a cryptocurrency if you focus on a long-term perspective. The short-term fluctuations will be a path for a brighter future. Like the founder of Binance CZ has stated: “If you can’t hold, you won’t be rich!”

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