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Baby Fox – A True 100x Passive Income Token on BSC Presale Launching Soon

The New York Today proudly presents you with the next big thing in the crypto space, BABY FOX. A token that’s designed to reward its holders like no other as 11% of all transactions will be stored in the FOX HOLE in BNB. So, no matter how the chart may look on the day in question, the holders will have a secure way of passive income waiting to be claimed.

Developers at Baby Fox studied how to benefit all its investors and invented a fox fund! Since the idea behind token is to make sure every investor earns BNB daily by utilizing their fox fund altogether. Think of it as interest but not just on your own money but on everybody’s.


Every 24 hours holders can claim BNB from the FOX HOLE. You can claim the same percentage of the tokens you hold of the total supply of Baby Fox: for example, if you hold 5% of the total supply of BABY FOX on dayX, you can claim on that day 5% of the BNB in the HOLE.

Whenever holders claim their part, the BNB in the FOX HOLE will be reduced by the amounts claimed, and thus the share of unclaimed tokens will be less. Therefore, we advise you to claim your tokens as soon as the cycle opens to maximize your profit


Total Supply

5% Foxdrop
85% Presale and liquidity
5% Marketing and development wallet
5% Team and advisors

Liquidity Locked

The entire liquidity is locked for a year which provides safety to all BABY FOX investors.

Transaction Fees

Buy 14% distributed as follows
11% Fox HOLE 2% Liquidity
1% Marketing and development Sell
15% sell distributed as follows
11% Fox HOLE
3% Liquidity
1 %Marketing and development


A lottery system will be implemented on a weekly basis to decrease the total supply of BABYFOX insuring constant increase in the token’s price. Lottery ticket will be priced at 1$. Funds received from ticket sale will be saved and one lucky winner will win the sum of all lottery tickets purchased during the week. What is in it for you BABYFOX holders? Every purchase will result in equivalent BABYFOX burning. Once more pushing the token price higher.

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