An Indian Living Legend is on the verge of becoming “The Global Head” of a Multi-Billion-Dollar Organization that provides Counter-Terrorism’s Pro-Tech Systems, Tactical Support Equipment, and VIP Bulletproof Vehicles. Unknown Facts About “The World’s Greatest Counter-Terrorism Mentor of All Time.”

This “Deadliest Man Alive in the World” is the mastermind of the maker of the leading solution to the global terrorism crisis. “Chasing down – “The Myth, The Man, The Mystery, The Living Legend,” The World’s Best Commandos Mentor of the “Ghost Hunters” (special forces). 

By Markas T Estiofann, Business Editor for the New York Today, New York, USA. Date- 28/05/2022. It all started when a senior freelance journalists team initiated article research titled “Hunting Down The Myth: The Man, The Mystery, The Living Legend, The World’s Best Commandos Mentor of Ghost Hunters (special forces).” Our reliable and profound sources mentioned the buzz of this Indian Living Legend who is in definitive talks to be “The Global Head” for an Israeli-USA Premium Organisation. The genuine profile of our researched Living Legend and this Indian is a final match at 100%. The organization about to finalize the agreement with The Living Legend is considered the World’s topmost private elite group that deals globally with the capability of delivering “anything to everything” being used against terrorist organizations and the overall crisis of terrorism. 

As per the recent information gathered by sources, this multi-billion Israeli-USA organization is specialized in dealing with the following:- 

1. VIP signal jammers

2. cutting-edge and modern technologies

3. VIP bulletproof cars

4. Vehicles for specialized real-time cyber forensics results

5. Armed vehicles for special forces

6. B.P. Van ‘

7. Elite units’ command and control systems

8. Covert multi-purpose intelligence vehicles enable the execution of highly-complex surveillance missions.

9. Intelligence gathering and analysis in real-time

10. fully equipped vehicles for panoramic surveillance for comprehensive coverage.

11. Vehicles with command and control capabilities over a small tactical force

12. Technologies of network-automotive-weight-power consumption-thermal analysis in mobile CSI labs.

13. Premium (legally granted) cyber intelligence-gathering services.

(Image- Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj, Inventor-Mitti System with Colonel Sharon Gat ,Chief Mentor of the Israeli Special Forces Commandos)

The same Israeli-USA organization is also the World’s pioneer of Covert, a Multi-Purpose Intelligence Vehicle that enables the execution of highly-complex surveillance missions.The vehicle serves a dual role as an advanced intelligence gathering centre and a mobile command and control hub of operations. The vehicle is well equipped for gathering and analysing multi-source audio-visual intelligence and is fitted with sophisticated night vision technology and other COMINT systems. Data is instantaneously relayed to H.Q. using the vehicle’s cellular and satellite communications capabilities. In addition, real-time decision-making and secure communications with field operatives are enabled via the vehicle’s sophisticated command and control equipment. The reliable sources reveal that the details of an estimated deal for “The Global Head” position must be of a minimum value of an annual package of 3.5 to 4 million USD. The discussions are in the final stage. 

What is the typical job description of “The Global Head” at this multibillion-dollar Israeli and US-based organization? 

The Global Head is expected to manage more than 200 chief executive officers. In addition, the role of The Global Head “TGH” is also in charge of everything linked to international delegated premium private counter-terrorism operations to assist corporations and specialized divisions’ cyber assist and cyber security, specialist I.T. solutions, and more.

Q– Who is this, The Myth, The Man, The Mystery, The Living Legend, The World’s topmost Mentor of Ghost Hunters (special forces)? 

Answer- Legendary Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj Sir is The Myth, The Man, The Mystery, The Living Legend, and The World’s topmost Mentor of Ghost Hunters (special forces). We were surprised that the digital World knows only two to four percent of Legendary Grandmaster Shifuji Sir’s Legends and deeds against terrorism, and He is not just what everyone thinks He is. Yes, Surprisingly, He calls himself an ordinary Indian, nothing else, But He is Not. He is The Deadliest Man Alive in the World as of 2021. The Greatest Counter-Terrorism Expert & Mentor of all timeThe Youngest Inventor of World’s Most Modern Counter-Terrorism System. The Inventor of the World’s Deadliest Counter-Insurgency Operations System and a lot more might be under the classification of Classified information because the training and mentoring services of Elite Specialised Anti-Terrorism Units are covered under specific special laws of every country. However, this man is respected globally as the Topmost Commandos Mentor; Commando Trainers Guru is India’s true patriot and a warrior mentor. Shifuji Sir is an Indian Inventor of the “MITTI SYSTEM, The World’s most effective modern counter-terrorism, counter-insurgency, and Armed lethal urban warfare system. Grandmaster Shifuji Sir is the Founder of many missions and brands like Master Shifuji’s Mission Prahar, Master Shifuji’s Jai Hind Bro clothing brand, and Master Shifuji’s Jai Hind Bro Furnitures, Master Shifuji’s Prachand Bharat Shaurya Group, Grandmaster Shifuji’s Mitti System Tactical Gears Manufacturing. He is also the Founder of Chief Managing Director at Master Shifuji’s Advanced Security Solutions 9 -SASS9, The Founder Trustee of Mission Prahar Trust, and the Managing Director of Master Shifuji’s Mission Prahar Education and Training Pvt Ltd.

Q- What is Grandmaster Shifuji’s Mitti System? Is Mitti System honestly great? Is Master Shifuji’s Mitti System the most effective counter-terrorism training system? Answer: We wish to bring this on record and mention that we had no clue about this Mitti system, especially about the specific person whose name was mentioned every time. Minimal and confusing information about this Mysterious character on digital platforms is available. However, the information online reveals many different profiles of this man from India as a freelance commandos mentor, an actor, an action designer, an action choreographer, a motivational speaker, a businessman, a martial artist, a Bollywood film industry celebrity guru, A life coach of Israeli and Indian celebrities and few more things and made us curious to know details of this Myth, The Mystery man. So this man became a subject of research for the team in counter-terrorism in the world arena. Grand Master Shifuji Sir’s MITTI system has exclusively been developed and dedicated to the Indian Special Forces and Indian armed forces. It’s an entirely “cost-free” mentoring module, as Master Shifuji Sir believes in his fundamental duty to his motherland. Shifuji Sir quotes, It is also a gesture of respect towards the officers, Junior commissioned officers JCO, Soldiers, and families of our Indian armed forces.

Q- Are there any Mitti System training details available on social media, the internet, videos, and photos format?

Answer- Unbelievable Confidentiality. Mitti System is unique because of the “Confidentiality principle” legendary Grandmaster Shifuji’s Mitti System is not available for any unauthorized person at any cost. Our reporters’ team has requested more than a hundred times for a single video clip from two hours of Elite Special Forces mentoring shown to us in private. So we had to keep our electronic devices and cell phones outside the conference room before witnessing the Mitti System Commando Training video. Multiple high-end devices screened us before entering the conference screen room of his office. A senior member of our team even asked to pay a considerable amount for a small clip of the Mitti System commandos training video. However, He got aggressively warned to maintain conduct if he wished to witness the Mitti system mentoring videos. This gesture of confidentiality gave us ultimate assurance about the greatness, integrity, and real Patriotism of Legendary Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj Sir. This gentleman, Legendary Grandmaster Shifuji Sir’s act has enabled our skilled team to appreciate the character of this Living Legend. He proudly addresses his nation as mother India (Bharat Maa), which is very unusual to find in this modern fashion world of the 21st century.

Question- What is Master Shifuji’s Mission Prahar? Is it true that master shifuji’s mission prahar is the most successful on-ground campaign for women empowerment globally?

Answer: Yes, master shifuji’s mission prahar is the most successful on-ground campaign for women’s empowerment globally, completing four million-plus women’s mentoring, life coaching, and women empowerment programs. Mission Prahar training program is a unique concept and campaign for real women empowerment and women’s employment program. Legendary Grandmaster Shifuji Sir’s One of the most regarded projects is Master Shifuji’s Mission Prahar, founded on October 17th, 1999, to educate and train in self-discipline, self-awareness, and self-protection, aggressive defence, extreme survival tactics. Legendary Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj Sir has trained self-defence to over 39 lakh women through Mission Prahar. His patriotic vision is to get Mission Prachand Bharat Shaurya- one year of compulsory military training in India’s primary education system. 

Legendary Grandmaster Shifuji Sir is also A Freelance Commandos Mentor, A Close Combat Mentor of the Commando Trainers, An Action Designer, An Action Choreographer, A Revolutionary Motivational Speaker, A Poet, A writer, An Actor, A Celebrities Life coach, A High-performance life coach, Inventor of Mitti HINIT high intensity no interval training system, An Inventor of Mitti System, An Inventor of Mitti Martial Arts, Inventor of Mission Prahar customizable specialized training program. Shifuji Sir is a staunch lover of his motherland, Bharat Maa (India). He founded many more revolutionary programs like Mission Bhagat Singh, Mission Meri Mitti, Mission Shahadat Samman, Mission Prachand Bharat Shaurya, and Mission Compulsory Military Training for Indian youth. Legendary Grandmaster Shifuji is the foremost Kalaripayattu Gurukkal- Guruswamy and was trained in the ashram of Yurnakullam, Trivandrum, and Kerala. Sanskrit and Indian Tradition He is widely inspired and revolutionized by Indian revolutionaries. 

Q- Is Grandmaster Shifuji Legally clean to hold this reputed position of The Global Head? What are Allegations on Grandmaster Shifuji? Is Grandmaster Shifuji a Fake, Fraud, or genuinely A Living Legend and The World’s Greatest Counter-Terrorism expert of all time? Is Grandmaster Shifuji in the Indian Army, Indian Armed Forces? Is Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj an Army veteran or a commando? 

Answer- Legendary Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj Sir is NOT a Fake, NOT a Fraud. He is genuinely A Living Legend and The World’s Greatest counter-terrorism expert of all time. There is no single evidence that Grandmaster Shifuji ever claimed to be an army officer or an armed forces personnel. Not a single piece of evidence is found in a 22 years’ digital analysis report by London Post and Essex TV, U.K. Yes, negative, untrue, biased propaganda was established, and one-sided negative articles were written in 2016-17 against Grandmaster Shifuji by a few left-leaning, terrorist sympathizer Indian and Chinese funded media houses.

The central government concern agencies and state crime branches initiated multiple central and state-level inquiries. In 2017, all concerned authorities and departments submitted their closure reports to the ministry of defence, ministry of home affairs, central, state intelligence units, military intelligence units, and concerned higher authorities. The closure reports were submitted with a detailed clarification that Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj is a freelance commandos mentor, commando trainer guru, has not done anything illegal, and never claimed to be an Army officer of Armed forces personnel. The central agencies and state crime branches submitted the closure reports (available online) with a specified mention that Grandmaster Shifuji uses his decade-old registered trademarks (under the copyright act 1999).

The closure report also highlights that Master Shifuji used his Emblems and Logos, registered with PASARA licensed and mentioned in documents with uniforms trademarked with maroon berets on his customised dress code Mitti System and SASS9. The Mumbai Police Investigation’s closure report also mentioned that the complainant was investigated thoroughly. The closure report was sent to the complainant seven days after the detailed investigation. The online research also reveals that Another Detailed Inquiry was made on the complaints made by a Politician of the Samajwadi Party named Retired Major Aashish Chaturvedi. Our detailed online research proves that multiple RTIs and complaints were made with tricky questions and false allegations separately and jointly against Grandmaster Shifuji. A boy and a girl made the RTIs and police complaints at the Delhi Army Headquarters, Indian Navy, Indian Air force, Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Home Affairs, PMO Prime Minister’s Office, state police units and crime branches, commissioners, and DGPs. Legendary Grandmaster Shifuji Sir is acknowledged with these many tittles- Legendary Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj Sir is The World’s Greatest Counter-terrorism expert Mentor of all time. Legendary Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj Sir the Deadliest Man Alive in the World. Legendary Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj Sir is The World’s Best Commandos Mentor. Legendary Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj Sir is The World’s Best Commando Trainer Guru. Legendary Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj Sir is The World’s Best Holistic Life Coach. Legendary Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj Sir is The World’s Best Military Martial Arts Expert Mentor. Legendary Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj Sir is The Inventor of the World’s most incredible ALUW armed lethal urban warfare and Fully Loaded High-Intensity No Interval Training Program. 

Legendary Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj Sir is The The inventor of the World’s most effective counter-terrorism system, the Mitti System. Legendary Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj Sir is The World’s Deadliest good man alive by 2022. Legendary Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj Sir is The Greatest Life coach and High-performance coach of all time in the World. Legendary Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj Sir is The Highest Priced, The Costliest Holistic life coach in the World. 

Q- What is the Truth of police complaints, FIRs, and RTIs against Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj for being Fake and Fraud? What is the Present Status of the FIR and police complaint against grandmaster Shifuji? 

Answer: Grandmaster Shifuji is a living legend. It is proven in all the closure reports of police and Ministry of defence RTI. The Present Status of the FIR and police complaint against grandmaster Shifuji is a complete CLEAN CHIT from all agencies, police, and investigation departments. The Truth about complainants against grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj is shocking but expected. Shockingly, when you search for the name of these complainants, one can have a fair idea of the background and a complete conspiracy against Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj. The complainants are entirely exposed, and their activities are suspicious, as per mentioned documentation and special advisories by the Military Intelligence of India. Reference- Indian Express Six pages’ article on a Gujrat bike rider under a scanner for her suspicious activities. She is the same lady complainant against Grandmaster Shifuji. 

(Image- Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj given Clean Chit from Ministry of Defence and Mumbai Police against all the False Allegations and Complaints made in Ministry of Defence and Crime Branch of Mumbai and Ahmedabad Police in the Year 2016-2017)

Question- The complainant was Abhishek Shukla. A severe concern matter, is whether Abhishek Shukla is A criminal and involved in the Delhi riots? And Is The complainant against Grandmaster Shifuji, Abhishek Shukla, Exposed and proven a criminal by Delhi Police? Is Abhishek Shukla a criminal and involved in Delhi Riots?

Answer:  This is detailed online research about Mr. Abhishek Shukla. When you do a thorough online search about Mr. Abhishek Shukla, the person with the same name registered RTIs and many complaints against grandmaster shifuji shaurya Bhardwaj in 2016-2017 to Mumbai police and Indian Armed Forces. Is he the same Abhishek Shukla? The standards and everything else seems to match. It shows shocking facts and news coverages dated March 2nd, 2020, published in reputed media portals and news sections of the Times of India, Hindustan Times, City Today, and India Today. All this news mentions as follows- 

  1. Police spokesperson Mandeep Singh Randhawa said Abhishek Shukla was arrested from the Nihal Vihar area. ‘Hindustan Times” March,2,2020
  2. The accused, identified as Abhishek Shukla, March,2,2020. The India Today. 
  3. The accused of spreading rumors of the Delhi riots has been identified as Abhishek Shukla. The City Today News. March,3,2020
  4. The accused has been identified as Abhishek Shukla, they said. “The Cyber Crime Cell of Delhi Police arrested Shukla for spreading rumours. March,2,2020. 

Note- The decision is left to your wisdom. 

Question – What is the present status of the post “The Global Head” for An Israeli-USA Premium Organisation? When will the Legendary Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj Sir join the multi-billion premium security giants?

Answer- As mentioned above, the agreement is in the final phase. 

Question – What is the specialization of Grandmaster Shifuji? What is Grandmaster Shifuji’s Qualification to be the Global Head? Who has titled Grandmaster to him?

Answer- Legendary Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj Sir is the only foreign citizen and first-ever Indian citizen to have completed the graduation certificate and Ph.D. certificate from ISRAEL in the most lethal counter-insurgency, counter-terrorism, and wholly equipped with urban combat. Grandmaster Shifuji Sir is the only Living Legend addressed with “Legendary and Sir” in his Graduation course and Ph.D. course certificates from Israel. Legendary Grandmaster Shifuji Sir’s official name is Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj on India’s government official records and social security no. Legendary Grandmaster Shifuji Sir has been titled the Legendary “Grandmaster” for The Invention of the Greatest Counter-Terrorism Training System. He has been officially titled on record “The Grandmaster” by Israeli Legend, the serving chief of the Israeli Special Forces, and The Chairperson of The Israeli Counter-Terror Academy. 

Question- What are the titles given and acknowledgments earned by Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj internationally?

Answer- Here are the titles given and acknowledgments earned by Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj internationally. Legendary Grandmaster Shifuji Sir is acknowledged with these many tittles-

  1. The Greatest Counter-terrorism expert, Mentor of all time
  2. The Deadliest Man Alive in the World
  3. World’s Best Commandos Mentor
  4. World’s Best Commando Trainer Guru
  5. World’s Best Holistic Life Coach
  6. World’s Best Military Martial Arts Expert Mentor
  7. Inventor of the World’s most incredible ALUW armed lethal urban warfare and Fully Loaded High-Intensity No Interval Training Program
  8. The inventor of the World’s most effective counter-terrorism system is the Mitti System.
  9. World’s Deadliest good man alive by 2021
  10. The Greatest Life coach and High-performance coach of all time in the World
  11. The Highest Priced, The Costliest Holistic life coach in the World. 
  12. World’s Best Close Combat Mentor of Special Forces by 2022. 
  13. World’s First and Only Celebrity to be an Inventor of World’s Greatest Counter-Terrorism Training program “Mitti System.” 

Excited Notification- 

As per the last Article on Legendary Grandmaster Shifuji Sir, The Washington mail team has discovered that Legendary Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj is shortly being interviewed in our Washington, D.C. office by our senior editor. The detailed digital investigation also indicates that Legendary Grand Master Shifuji Sir is the youngest inventor of any counter-terrorism system and the only individual civilian freelance commandos mentor to own these 22 acknowledgments globally.

  1. The deadliest good man alive in the World by 2021
  2. World’s Best Commandos Mentor of all time
  3. Guru of World’s Best Commando Trainers of Special Forces 
  4. World’s Youngest Inventor of the Most Modern Counter Terrorism training system
  5. World’s Best Close Combat Mentor of Special Forces and Elite Units
  6. World’s Best Close Combat Mentor of the Special Forces
  7. The Greatest Counter-Terrorism Expert in the World 
  8. World’s Best Commando Trainers Mentor and Holistic Teacher (Guru)
  9. World’s Best Tactical Holistic Mentor of Specialized Commandos 
  10. World’s Greatest Mentor of Elite Deadliest Special Forces commandos 
  11. First-Ever Indian Citizen to have completed Graduation and a Ph.D. Cert course from Israel in Counter-Terrorism urban armed combat. 
  12. World’s only individual commando trainers’ guru to practice 107 military-armed close combat systems. 
  13. World’s Youngest Commandos Mentor to invent an entire counter-terrorism course. 
  14. World’s only Life Coach mentors top celebrities and people below the poverty line.  
  15. World’s only commandos mentor to have 3.7 million subscribers on YouTube Channel.
  16. World’s First Commandos Mentor to have all social media verified accounts. 
  17. World’s Best Armed Military Martial Artist by 2021
  18. World’s only Freelance commandos mentor trained special forces for 22 years, entirely incognito and Free of Cost. 
  19. World’s Deadliest Living Legend and The Youngest Celebrity Life Coach 
  20. World’s Greatest Anti-Terrorism Expert of all time
  21. World’s only celebrity to have trained 4 million women under a campaign. 
  22. World’s only action designer, actor, and prominent celebrity to be a freelance commandos mentor and best commando trainer’s guru. 

Why do the CI, CT, and Armed Lethal Urban Warfare (ALUW) legends call Sir Master Shifuji the greatest of all time?

Legendary Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj Sir’s life anecdote of being an unidentified, unsung patriot and having the utmost capacity to maintain the highest confidentiality of commandos mentoring services is unbelievably inspiring. His apolitical, patriotic, selfless motto to serve humanity at numerous levels establishes him as the real-life icon and a true living legend of this era. It is indeed uncommon for any individual to plan so many life missions and run them all with the same integrity and dignity. Legendary Grand Master Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj Sir has shown the World an unbelievable benchmark of individuals who can accomplish multiple triumphs in one lifetime. His life story is live evidence of selfless works with a single pursuit and vision to serve the World to make it a more reasonable and unassailable place for coming generations. 

One man with multiple missions within a lifetime- 

Legendary Grand Master Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj Sir started ongoing missions for the women and youth of his country India. 

  1. Master Shifuji’s Mission Prahar (Women empowerment and employment program)
  2. Master Shifuji’s Mission Meri Mitti, Mission Meri Mitti Boot Camps 
  3. Master Shifuji’s Mission Prachand Bharat Shaurya 
  4. Master Shifuji’s Mission Shahadat Samman
  5. Master Shifuji’s Mission Bharat Math 
  6. Mission MPMM- Meri Pehchan Meri Mitti (My Identity, My Soil)
  7. Master Shifuji & Abvp’s Mission Sahasi 
  8. Master Shifuji Mission compulsory military training
  9. Mission Khairaat Nahin Rozgar Aur Samman 
  10. Mission RKM Roti-Kapda-Makan
  11. Master Shifuji’s Mission Mahila Suraksha Aur Samman 
  12. Mission Maa Ganga & Maa Narmada Safai Abhiyaan
  13. Master Shifuji’s Mission SASS9 Free Skill Development Movement
  14. Master Shifuji’s Mission Hindu-Muslim Unity (Ekta)
  15. Master Shifuji’s Mission Sanvidhaan Samman 
  16. Mission Get Paid to be Fit -Yuva Fitness Mahakumbh 
  17. Master Shifuji’s Mission Drugs Free India (Nasha Mukt Bharat)
  18. Master Shifuji’s Mission Crime Free India 
  19. Master Shifuji’s Mission Rape Free India (Movement to get a new law made by the government to Hang rapists publically)
  20. Mission Poverty Free India. 
  21. Mission Stop Brain Drain India
  22. Master Shifuji’s Mission Develop 11 Million Successful Indian Startups in FinTech and AdTech
  23. Master Shifuji’s Mission BBV Bharat Bhagya Vidhaata (Develop Indian Search Engine and Indian Social Media Platforms)
  24. Mission Baba Amarnath Yatra Mahakumbh, ManSarowar Yatra mahakumbh 
  25. Master Shifuji’s Mission CCF Civil Commando Force
  26. Mission Yuva Rozgaar Samadhaan Mahakumbh 
  27. Mission Patriotic Education Policy 
  28. Mission India’s (Bharat) Yatra Tatra Sarvatra Varchasva
  29. Mission Indian Ancient Culture Promotion and Empowerment
  30. Mission Jai-Jawan Jai-Kisan, Jai Sanvidhan 
  31. Mission SPR- SarvaPratham Rashtra Mission Vandan Maa Vande- Matram
  32. Mission Watan Sabka Baraabar 
  33. Mission YTS- Ye Tiranga Sabka 
  34. Mission T.W.- Tech Warriors 
  35. Master Shifuji’s Mission Vedic Military School – Mission Warrior Patriot Kids 
  36. Mission Skill & Character-Based Educational System 
  37. Mission KYH, Know Your History 
  38. Mission PTBD Proud to be Dehati 
  39. Mission Cyber Yoddha -Verified Cyber Warriors 
  40. Mission PTBAIF Proud to Be an Indian First
  41. Master Shifuji’s Mission CASF- Ex Commandos Advanced Security Force
  42. Master Shifuji’s Mission Indian Mitti System for all forces free of cost
  43. Master Shifuji’s Mission Akhada Pehalwaan Culture Reform by 2024
  44. Master Shifuji’s Mission Freelance Verified Patriots White Head Hackers Army for Anti Terrorism. 

Question- What is the delay, and why is the delay in joining and the final decision of Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj as The Global Head of this Multi-Billion Organisation?

Answer- As per the most reliable sources, the final discussion is under a Non-Disclosure Agreement which is kept very proficient and confidential. However, as a trustworthy indirect input, the prime condition of the agreement seems to have a “Change of Base-Station” clause as a hurdle. The Organisation seems to ask for the change of Legendary Grandmaster Shifuji Sir’s base station permanently to The New York and Washington, DC head office for the lifetime as The Global Head” with a 25 years’ agreement. Both sides (counter-terrorism institutions and Terrorist organizations) of the game must await this decision. This organization’s Global head’s position is an utmost important position of power against the global concern of terrorism.

Stay tuned. Our next article reveals the organization’s name and is an exclusive interview with the Managing Director and the chairperson of the same organization. 

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