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Corissa Rigdon is a rising single mother entrepreneur you should know about!

She has helped hundreds of women across North America through her private coaching, social media, YouTube channel, and podcast.


For Corissa Rigdon, the challenges of entrepreneurship are daunting enough. But for single mothers, the challenges are magnified. Rigdon’s career was born out of necessity—and it has succeeded beyond her dreams. She has built a successful company with happy clients and proud family life, and she is excited to help others in similar situations do the same while she focuses her energy on helping other single parents build sustainable businesses while creating a life they love.

Corissa Rigdon’s career was born out of necessity. She had to build a business because she couldn’t afford to work for someone else anymore, and now she feels like her work is being rewarded with an opportunity few people can say they have: the chance to make a difference in the lives of others.

“I started my first business when I was 26 years old,” says Rigdon. “At that point in my life, I just needed something that would allow me to make money and also give me time with my daughter.”

Rigdon knows the challenges of entrepreneurship can be daunting.

You may be excited about the prospect of starting your own business, but before you dive in headfirst it’s important to understand what entrepreneurship really means. If you are considering going solo and have never run a business before, it can be difficult to know what to expect.

There is no such thing as an overnight success when it comes to entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship requires hard work, persistence, sacrifice, and dedication. There will be days when it feels like nothing is working in your favor or that people are against you. You have probably heard this before: “It takes years of hard work just to make it through the first year!” That statement couldn’t be more true when starting a new venture that revolves around yourself rather than someone else’s idea or product line like many businesses do today (think clothing lines).

While many people fantasize about being their own boss with no commute time required during those precious hours spent driving back home after work each day—they soon realize there is more involved than they imagined when making their dream come true one step at a time with little help outside themselves until they learn how things work within their industry which takes time too so don’t get discouraged early on if things aren’t going smoothly just yet!

Corissa knows for single mothers, the challenges are magnified.

Single mothers are some of the bravest and most resilient people on the planet. They have to work extra hard to make ends meet and they often have to do it alone, without anyone else helping them. They also face a lot of challenges when it comes to building a business because they’re doing so much already.

It can seem like such an uphill battle for single moms who are trying to find time for themselves or their kids between school drop-offs, work schedules, or other commitments. This can be incredibly discouraging when you feel like you’re working so hard but not getting anywhere with your goals or dreams.

But there is hope! If you’re feeling overwhelmed by having so much responsibility, Corissa Rigdon helps single mothers succeed with the same formula that propelled her to her success.

Rigdon built a successful movement that turned into a business helping women without confidence start entrepreneurship.

Corissa Rigdon is a rising single mother entrepreneur. She has helped hundreds of women across North America through her private coaching, social media, YouTube channel, and podcast. Corissa focuses her energy on helping other single parents build sustainable businesses while creating a life they love.

Corissa is the Founder and CEO of My Health Space where she teaches modern-day single moms how to build their dream life by working on their health along with personal business coaching.

Corissa has been a business coach for over 2 years. She has helped hundreds of women across North America build sustainable businesses while creating the lives they love. Corissa believes it’s possible to be successful as both an entrepreneur and a single parent, and she wants to show you how!

Corissa is a single mother entrepreneur with a large following on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and her podcast “The Single Mom Hotline” on Spotify.

Corissa knows successful entrepreneurs can help others succeed in life, too.

She helps other women succeed by:

  • Giving time. Give others the gift of your time and energy in coaching, mentoring or training. This is especially helpful if you’re an expert in a particular area, like how to make money online as a single parent.
  • Sharing knowledge and resources with other women who are just getting started in entrepreneurship so they can build their businesses faster and more efficiently than if they had to figure everything out on their own.
  • Be supportive when someone asks for help (and not be afraid to ask for help yourself!). Asking questions when you need answers is one thing; asking the right questions and then taking action on those answers will move your business forward much more quickly than if you keep doing things on guesswork alone!


The path to success can be difficult. Rigdon’s story is inspiring because of the hard work she put into her business and her family. She has been able to provide for her daughter, which is a primary concern for any single mother. Corissa Rigdon is an example of how anything is possible if you believe in yourself and put the effort into making your dreams come true. You can join Corissa’s community absolutely free

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