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Thai Fashion Week kicks off with in-person catwalk shows

Written By | Ambra Schillirò

Thailand Fashion Week, powered by Aston Martin, opens its doors today and will run until tomorrow. After two years of online catwalks, there will be an offline showcase of men’s & women’s A/W 2022-2023 collections from established and emerging brands across Haute-Couture, Ready-To-Wear, Avant-Garde, Accessories, and Footwear.

The selected collections will also be premiered worldwide on COSMOS, Asia’s First Digital Showroom by Thailand Fashion Week, created two years ago.

A collection for kids of sixteen young Vietnamese designers will open the Fashion Week with a kid’s collection that draws inspiration from traditional Vietnam art.

The fashion week schedule (30th of June):

S DESIGNER HOUSE by Đc Ngc, Vietnam, kids

Le Tran Đac Ngoc centered the world of fashion by founding an academy for the training of children’s models called Sao Style Academy, which, after only three years from its birth, became one of the most famous training schools in Vietnam. His fashion house, Đac Ngoc Designer House, was founded in June 2018. In Vietnam, Le Tran Đac Ngoc is considered the “father” of children’s evening wear. He is also president of the Vietnam International Fashion Tour, an event that aims to spread Vietnam’s culture and tourism worldwide.

Andrew Visaya, Philippines, M/ W

Andrew Demot Visaya Jr. is a proud Ibaloi (The Ibaloi are an indigenous ethnic group found in Benguet Province of the northern Philippines) from Itogon, born in 1984. He graduated with a degree in Civil Engineering in the year 2007. However, his passion materialized in 2013 when Andrew Demot Visaya Jr. started an event management company and started to work in the fashion and design sector. He studied fashion design at the School of Fashion and Arts Institute (SOFA) in Makati City in 2017.

Urban Pigeons, USA, W/M

Urban Pigeons was founded in 2012 by Haitian designer Gregory Dubuisson, also known as Yazbthegreat. Urban Pigeons differentiates itself from other brands by offering high-end fashion and streetwear clothing for young adults who appreciate music, culture, and creativity at the same time. The name “Pigeons” symbolizes all major big cities such as New York, Boston, and Chicago.

Ivan Raborar, Filippine, M/W

Ivan Raborar is known in South Cotabato and the region as the “Prince of T’nalak Couture,” Son of tailors; from an early age, Ivan has always been surrounded by fashion in his parents’ small workshop. Although he did not follow a fashion-related course of study, Ivan’s innate love and passion for design fueled the flowering of his career as a stylist in southern Cotabato. The designer is also known for his versatility in making ethereal wedding dresses and elegant red carpet ready-to-wear creations. He took part in “Project Runway Philippines.”

TRÚC by NTK Ivan Trần, Vietnam, W/avant-garde

Ivan Tran is a Vietnamese designer who became famous thanks to “Project Runway Vietnam” in 2015. The designer will present his women’s Avant-Garde collection. “The Avant-Garde style is like a new manifesto of beauty, creativity, and imagination, yet timeless. The models in this collection are a bit “rebellious.” They break the standards of conventional beauty. “

Hanh Huỳnh, Vietnam, M/W

The Brilhar collection by KK by Thanh Huynh will close the 2022 edition of Thai fashion week after its successful presentation in Vietnam. Among the runway models who will walk his show, there will also be two Thai beauty queens, Manita Farmer and Mo Jiratchaya.

Below, we’ve compiled the names of the other emerging designers who will venture into this season’s Thai Fashion Week. Whether they’ve been around for a while or are just getting started, these designers are also the names to know from the week:

SASTRE The Label by Laydeh Alberto, Philippine, M/W

Len Nepomuceno Mortel by L. Thailand, W

C.D.O.S. by Apra C. Longsiab, Philippine, M/W

Merlyn Ramos, Philippine, M/W

Schleye O’ Han, Philippine, M/W

Julien Gentica, Philippine, M/W

Gladys Ayuste, Philippine, M/W

Tejano, Philippine, M/avant-garde

Alexies Redecio, Philippine, M/avant-garde

Riotica Ipanema, Brazil, W

Julienne Paran,  Philippine, M/W

Nicole Santos, Philippine, haute-couture

Xioti Chiu, Philippine, M/W

Most Filipino brands present at the FW are part of FADAL, the Filipino Fashion Designers Alliance.

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