Zaki Al Ali’s ‘Blue Blood’ Nominated for Prestigious Showcase at 2024 Los Angeles Times Festival of Books

Zakariya Abdul-Ali Muhail, known as Zaki Al-Ali. Known for his vertical and modern poetry, Zaki Al-Ali has several poetry collections; however, his book Blue Blood was his first poetry collection translated into English. One of his poems from this collection, entitled “Alzheimer’s,” was chosen by the Toronto-based publication Maple Staple Magazine to be featured as one of the best international poems. While Zaki Al-Ali uses poetry as a way to express himself and make sense of life, his poetry has touched the hearts of so many people across the world.

Blue Blood book by Zaki Al Ali is now nominated for participation in the United States’ largest literary trade fair, the 2024 Los Angeles Times Festival of Books.

Today Zaki Al Ali is regarded as a highly influential figure in poetry worldwide

Throughout the entire time Zaki al Ali, has consistently exhibited a talent for wielding a pen, Poetry for him is more than an artistic rendition of words, it is a form of all that he is.

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