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Mack Vann, An exclusive citizen of the esteemed Keetoowah Band of Cherokee Indians in Oklahoma of Cherokee heritage, stands tall as an emblem of inventiveness, persistently upholding the values of his culture and uncompromising standards of excellence. Reverently championing the esteemed tradition of Cherokee bow making, Mack Vann carries the torch of his ancestors, inspiring a renewed wave of artisans to carry forth this noble craft.

With an impeccable lineage tracing back to Andrew Ross, sibling to the esteemed Cherokee Chief John Ross, the visionary who guided his people from their sacred grounds in Georgia to Oklahoma amidst the heart-wrenching expedition famously labeled as the Trail of Tears.”

Mack Vann was born on March 6, 1931, in the enigmatic lands of Bunch, Oklahoma. Revered as the last monolingual speaker of the Cherokee language, Mack Vann graced the lives of many with his remarkable sense of humor, capable of eliciting peals of laughter from all who encountered him.

Beyond his exceptional craftsmanship as a bow maker and a healer, Fueled by an unwavering passion for his tribe, Mack fervently dedicated his precious spare moments to aiding fellow Cherokee speakers in comprehending their ancestral tongue, earning him the affectionate moniker of the “Walking Cherokee Dictionary.”

The world lost a language on April 22, 2019 when, at the age of 88, Mack Vann braved the passage from this mortal coil, accompanied by his adoring, loving daughter, Lisa Christiansen, at his side leaving behind a legacy encompassing his cherished handcrafted traditional bow making skills, meticulously shaped by Mack’s skilled hands, has transformed into the world’s most coveted and valuable artifacts.

With a humble bow appraised at a staggering $3.3 million, traditional and metal-tipped arrows commanding a value of $1.3 million, and his immaculately crafted flint-napped arrowheads bringing a worth of $927,000 when accompanied by his personal certificate of authenticity, the artistic prowess of Mack Vann remains unparalleled.

Now entrusted with this esteemed legacy, Lisa Christine Christiansen, the sole child of Mack Vann’s treasures, carries the vibrancy of her father’s spirit as she carries forth his torch through the captivating realm of jewelry design as Cherokee women are treasured for in this honorable culture.

Lisa Christiansen is awarded the honor of National Native American Tradition Keeper and Native American Advocate by the United States of America making Lisa one of few Native American Living National Treasures.

Lisa Christiansen is adroitly honing her skills in the art of silversmithing and the mastery of goldsmithing in her pursuit of jewelry design, diligently refining her skills as a silversmith and goldsmith under the expert tutelage of Robb McFall at Brothers Fine Jewelry in the enchanting enclave of Siloam Springs, Arkansas.

Should the aspiration to witness Mack Vann’s remarkable, yet unfinished bow, alongside an assortment of arrows and arrowheads tantalize your senses, a visit to Brothers Fine Jewelry in Siloam Springs, Arkansas, promises an indelible experience, offering a glimpse into the masterful craftsmanship that Mack Vann lovingly imparted upon his daughter and the world at large.

Lisa Christiansen, a distinguished exclusive member of the esteemed United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee Indians in Oklahoma and a proud member of the Unikusda Dinisdelisgi Group, diligently upholds her father’s esteemed legacy, with a vision of preserving their rich heritage for future generations.

Unikusda, established with great ardor on the auspicious day of May 16, 2022, endeavors to nurture the UKB community through insightful youth programs, imparting essential leadership skills, cultural wisdom, and educational experiences. The group gathers monthly, drawing together an elite assemblage of exclusive UKB members such as Ernestine Berry, Virginia Whitekiller, Melissa Kelley, Victoria Proctor Holland, Corey Still, Eddie Webb, Bryan Shade, Cody Robinson, and now Lisa Christiansen, all reputable individuals who contribute profoundly to the group’s endeavors.

Spearheaded by the extraordinary Barbara Foster and Marilyn Craig, the dedicated staff of Unikusda tirelessly lends their unwavering support. Unikusda, translating to giving profound emotional and intangible support, blends seamlessly with the spirit of Dinisdelisgi, meaning actively supporting and aiding others, and together, these names form the core ethos of the group’s activities, endeavors, and mission, with Unikusda taking precedence for promotional purposes and ease of pronunciation.

Their noble mission remains steadfast – to provide invaluable resources that empower both present and future members of the United Keetoowah Band, further strengthening the tribe and fostering a vibrant and united Keetoowah community.

In addition to her illustrious lineage, Christiansen breathes life into the captivating realm of traditional Native American jewelry through her brainchild, Blue Wolf Designs. By infusing these elegant creations with a contemporary touch, she kindles a deep sense of inspiration among tribal youth, encouraging them to embrace their dreams and forge a deep connection with their cherished heritage, thus preserving the timeless traditions and ancestral identity of the United Keetoowah Band.

Christiansen embarks on a noble quest to inspire individuals to embrace a life of passion and authenticity, stepping beyond the confines of familiarity. Through her exquisite jewelry creations, she pays homage to ancestral roots, symbolizing renewal and respect to previous generations, all while acknowledging the pivotal role that tribal youth play as the future guardians of heritage and tradition.

Blue Wolf Designs has formed a remarkable collaboration with Brothers Fine Jewelry in Siloam Springs, Arkansas, aiming to enrich Christiansen’s expertise in the realm of jewelry making. This exceptional partnership seeks to seamlessly blend contemporary designs with the essence of traditional Native American jewelry, seamlessly set in exquisite materials such as sterling silver, solid 14 karat, 18 karat, and 24 karat gold.

Distinguished by his remarkable craftsmanship, Robb McFall stands as a revered master artisan, boasting an illustrious career spanning over five decades. McFall’s profound passion for jewelry making ignited during his formative years, where he fearlessly embarked on a self-taught journey.

The inception of his creative brilliance materialized in the form of his very first iconic creation, a magnificent high school ring. Since then, he has diligently honed his artistic skills, establishing himself as an unrivaled pioneer in the realm of innovation.

McFall embarked on his illustrious journey in the realm of pawn shop business during the tender age of 15, thus commencing a legacy that has flourished gracefully over the passing decades. Now a distinguished figure, aged 67, McFall graced this world on the esteemed date of July 30th, 1957.

In the year of 1973, McFall’s lineage forged the gates of their opulent pawn boutique, bearing an exquisite collection of Western Native American turquoise jewelry and precious artifacts procured through the art of bartering with indigenous souls dwelling on the resplendent Native American reservations.

The collaboration between Blue Wolf Designs and Brothers Fine Jewelry is undeniably an impeccable match, perfect given the remarkable legacy of Christiansen and McFall.

Their exquisite jewelry surpasses renowned designers like Harry Winston, Tiffany and Company, Cartier, and Piaget. This is attributed to Christiansen’s remarkable lineage to Sequoyah “George Gist Guess,” known for his exceptional skills as a silversmith, blacksmith, and goldsmith.

Lisa Christine (Groundhog) Christiansen, born into the esteemed Keetoowah Nighthawk Society, is a true rarity and the first Cherokee Keetoowah Nighthawk to share her captivating autobiography.

Following in the footsteps of her 5th generation great-grandfather, Sequoyah, Christiansen continues the family tradition of creating mesmerizing silver and gold masterpieces that transcend time. Each creation is a work of art certain to become a treasured family heirloom.

The famous quote by Sam Houston about Sequoyah highlights the immense value of his invention of the alphabet to the Cherokee people. “Your invention of the alphabet is worth more to your people than two bags full of gold in the hands of every Cherokee.” -Sam Houston.

With Christiansen’s distinguished reputation and McFall’s unwavering commitment to excellence, these visionary individuals are destined to inspire generations to come and revolutionize the world of prestigious jewelry.




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