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Who’s In, Who’s Catching Up?

The Official & Unofficial upcoming books in 2023 from Harper Collins Publishers.

The most anticipated and much-awaited roster of book titles in 2023 is coming in exclusively at Harper Collins Publishers.
With a wide variety of authors around the globe, Harper Collins Publishers ensures that books produced are notable and supersede one’s high expectations. As the publishing industry was just resuscitated, due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, most major-outlets and platforms creating vast exposure for books have just been back and fully operational. It would only be appropriate for HC to take the readers’ breath away with these highly rated book titles.

Here is Harper Collins’ list of confirmed and official book titles coming out for the year 2023:

• Angelika Frankenstein Makes Her Match by Sally Thorne
• On The Rooftop by Margaret Wilkerson Sexton
• The Kiss Curse by Erin Sterling
• The Attic Child by Lola Jaye
• Touch by Olaf Olafsson
• Girl, Forgotten by Karin Slaughter
• The Weight of Blood by Tiffany D. Jackson
• Walking in My Joy by Jenifer Lewis
• Mission Vegan by Danny Bowien, JJ Goode, EdD.
• Shot Clock by Caron Butler, Justin A. Reynolds
• The Hunt by Faye Kellerman
• All of This by Rebecca Wolf
• The Manhattan Girls by Gill Paul
• All Sights Point to Paris by Natasha Sizlo
• Babel by R.F Kuang
• Marple: Twelve New Mysteries

Unofficial book titles are said to complete the star-studded roster. Negotiations are currently ongoing and being finalized.

• Women Who Dream by Mary Gervais
• Why Believe It; Reasons and Evidence for the faith by John Huffman
• Sugar and Salt: A Novel by Susan Wiggs
• The Opposite of Namaste by Timber Hawkeye
• Sister Friends Forever by Kimberly Lawson Roby
• An Honest Living: A Novel by Dwyer Murphy

With all negotiations happening behind closed doors, sources closest to the editors can only hint “It’s the most sophisticated line-up in a while”.

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