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Surf & Yoga Retreats

When you think of a surf camp what I’m sure comes to your mind is accommodation with access to surf spots, which yes is true but Surf & Yoga Retreat is so much more than that (don’t get me wrong though, they do eat, breathe and sleep surfing). It’s a magical place where people from all over the world join together because of their love for surfing, yoga and community. Let me explain to you why Surf & Yoga Retreat is the camp of your dreams.

Surreal Spots

Unwind and disconnect from your normal routine in this tropical paradise, where palm trees and golden sand bays line the coast. Where local’s smiles in the lineup will brighten up your day and where coconuts are a staple. Mirissa and Arugam Bay are two Surf & Yoga camps in Sri Lanka that have all that your heart desires. Experienced surf instructors will whisk you off in a tuk tuk to the main surf spots (fitting for any and all levels) or a certified yoga teacher will guide you through strong and flexible flows. Or maybe you’ll grab a refreshing beer at one of the lively bars or beach side restaurants. The Sri Lankan lifestyle is so captivating and laidback, on top of the rolling sets, that you’ll definitely be extending your stay!

Not only can you experience this camp in Sri Lanka, but the Canary Islands too! Based in a traditional surfer village in Lajares, Fuerteventura, you have access to deep rooted cultural customs and beautiful volcanic views (you can even go on hikes if you aren’t exhausted after surfing). Not to mention the several crystal clear surf spots that are suitable for all levels, although I would recommend summer dates for beginners! The Spanish styled villa allows for deep relaxation either by the pool, taking yoga classes or a quiet spot with fast wifi ideal for digital nomads. The beauty of this quiet town with a cute, handcrafted weekend market is one to experience and the Surf & Yoga family will make sure your stay is memorable.

Oh and have you ever dreamed of jumping on a boat to go explore reef breaks a short ride away from land? To cheer from the sidelines and partake in the surf stoke? To the wind cooling you down as you race back to sate your hunger at camp? To tailored yoga classes after a day of surfing? Well Surf & Yoga in the dreamy Maldives will fill that fantasy. Mulah island is home to white sand beaches, sweeping reefs with incredible wildlife and snorkeling spots that will too become a highlight of your stay. Here, if you are an intermediate surfer, you will thrive and improve on the endless waves as well as detach from busy life and enjoy the reconnection to yourself. Maldives is as gorgeous as the pictures look, and trust me the Surf & Yoga team and their camp is gorgeous too.

Package deals

Now that I’ve got your attention of the insane places where Surf & Yoga retreats are located, let me entice you even more with what is included. Different packages are available for you to choose from, with breakfast and dinner included. And trust me, the food is delicious and prepared by amazing chefs using the freshest local fruit and vegetables to satisfy all your vegan diet requirements. Fear not if you aren’t vegan, there is egg available for breaky!

Included in the options are, surprise surprise, surf lessons with their highly ISA qualified instructors. The surf coaches are locals that have all the insight into the best spots for your level plus become your new best friend, giving you not only good surfing lessons but insight into their culture and way of life. All surf equipment (for all levels) and insurance is included in your surf lessons, and if you have your own board there is plenty of storage space. What’s more, surf video analysis is offered so that your coach can advise you on small tricks to focus on for optimal performance. These videos and photographs are yours to keep, and maybe even peruse on further in your lovely A/C room.

And to top it off, yoga lessons are available every morning and evening for you to join when you feel you need a deep stretch and balanced flow. You can book a number of lessons prior to arriving or decide to add to your package during your stay. The certified yoga teachers are always around for you to ask advice so that you rest and respect your body so that you can surf every day. And wow does yoga and surfing do wonders for you!

Benefits of yoga

It’s no coincidence that yoga and surfing have become such a popular combination. The benefits that yoga has, for not only surfing, but your well being is endless. Yoga focuses on strength, flexibility and balance for both the mind and body. Using meditation and breathing techniques, it allows one to focus and calm the mind which means that in the surf you will be present and centered to take full advantage of the waves. Not only does yogic breathing relax and control the mind but it also increases blood flow and oxygen to certain areas of the body enhancing the strength and flexibility of the muscles. By optimising your body’s strength and flexibility, fewer injuries will happen and next thing you know, you’ll be easily maneuvering your surfboard into pro surfer levels. Yoga incorporates so many movements to condition strong muscles, release stiffness with deep stretches, improve range of joint motion (especially the arms allowing for quick smooth paddling to easily catch the next wave) as well as improve your balance so you can ride all waves with ease.

Yoga helps you to get in touch with your breath and body, letting go of control and allowing yourself to be where you are. Surfing allows you to be in touch with the ocean and surfboard, accepting each set as it comes and finding joy in that moment. I could go on forever on the benefits of surfing and yoga, but best you test it out for yourself and what better place than Surf & Yoga retreats.

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