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GHFT is part of the Refugee Council. Our vision is a world where rights are respected, and people are protected.

GHFT’s mission is to improve aid to protect and empower people affected by crises and climate change.

We do this by:  

  • Supporting initiatives that protect and empower people
  • Improving impact at the global and local level through joint projects with partners and stakeholders
  • Providing Expertise and developing capabilities that enable partners to meet the needs of people in fragile situations and crises
  • Strengthening the humanitarian, development, and peacebuilding system by supporting leadership, coordination, and policy development
  • Building bridges between the humanitarian, development, and peacebuilding sectors

GHFT has a pool of more than 500 professionals recruited to meet the changing demands of various partners, situations, and crises.

Our thematic projects, some operated in cooperation with partners, cover the following thematic areas:

Crisis response

Developing and strengthening crisis responses has been the main focus area since the GHFT was established in 2016. Today we provide a range of Expertise, from protection, coordination, education, health, and nutrition to communicating with affected populations, camp management, and resilience. 

Human rights and democracy

We provide experts to civilian monitoring mechanisms, election observation missions, and organizations that work to achieve peace, protect and promote human rights, strengthen the rule of law and improve governance.

Gender mainstreaming

Our experts work with several agencies to strengthen their capacity to undertake and promote gender equality programming.


GHFT has a 6-year track record in peacebuilding, including efforts to resolve conflict and prevent conflict escalation.

We achieve the most significant impact through partnerships. That’s why GHFT collaborates with a wide range of humanitarian, development, and peacekeeping partners across the globe, from multinational agencies to national authorities and local organizations. We combine our knowledge, experience, and resources to protect and empower at-risk people.

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