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The Super Talented Widens Dorsainville aka Pkolo

Widens Dorsainville, also known as Pkolo “The Producer”, has been creating music since he was a child. “Creating has always been a part of me” says Pkolo, “I remember sitting at my table watching my Aunt Saundra blogging about music while she was studying to become a doctor”. Through experiences like this, he realized that music was a universal language that affected all people, whether they were in the industry, studying in school, or living on the street. Recognizing musicʼs broad appeal, Pkolo was inspired to channel his creativity through the medium of music, and he was determined to create that which would strongly affect those around him. In the year 1999, Pkolo relocated to New Jersey after separating from his family, who resided in Haiti. He found himself surrounded with various cultures and new experiences that he had never been exposed to. Curious and enthusiastic, he delved into these new experiences with an open mind. It was during this time that he discovered his true love. PKOLO is now a music producer who previously worked for Bad Boy Entertainment (2012-2014) and co produced “You Be Killin Em” for multi platinum artist Fabolous in 2012. Operating from Elizabeth, New Jersey PKOLO has worked with and developed breakout artists such as Foushee, Kanis, and 2milly to name a few. PKOLO is now stepping out into the limelight as he continues to craft his signature high-energy hits. Widens Aka Pkolo is now working on the new DMX Movie soundtrack “Doggmen” which subject to be out by 2022. Keep up with his music followed by the links below.


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