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The Italian king of Marketing for Real Estate Agencies

His name is Alessandro Saja, and he is a 30-year-old young man who is practically revolutionizing the entire Italian real estate marketing sector through the protocol launched in Italy, called “Incarico a Comando”.

Who is Alessandro Saja and why should every real estate agent care about him?

Alessandro is an experienced online marketing entrepreneur. He was born in 1991 in Caltanissetta, in the heart of Sicily. Through his marketing agency he helps Italian real estate agencies to expand and solve one of the biggest problems that any agent would dream of: finding clients selling homes on command. What agent has never dreamed of doing so before? After decades of studies, split tests and a lot of practice in the field, he has finally experimented and validated a 3 in 1 method that can: profile target customers, educate them to sell and make an appointment directly with them, in a completely automated way. Sounds crazy! Yet when we decided to interview him we really understood how much effort it took to create such a strong machine.

The ordinary results brought to its customers thanks to the “Incarico a Comando” protocol

What does it do with Alessandro and his team of visionaries? Let’s ask him directly.

Team Redaction (Mike): Alessandro why should real estate agents rely on you and not on the flood of marketing agencies and marketing consultants that flare up in every corner of the web every day?

Alessandro: Well, You know, it’s a bit like buying a car, there are those who want to buy a car with poor performance and those who have clear ideas and want to reach 100 km/h in 2 seconds, we like to work only with the seconds (laughing) . We love to increase our customers’revenue and are madly obsessed with bringing results to our real estate agents.

Team Redaction (Mike): What is the specialty of this service that you can be proud of?

Alessandro: Good question! Ours is still a little widespread marketing, it is marketing 5.0. Something analogic that meets digital halfway. We do not use social or google campaigns as the most do, but we use data at our disposal that allow us to interact only with subjects who are involved in the process, specifically owners who want to sell or rent their property, which translates into a surgically precise method which allows us to hit the mark 9 times out of 10.

Team Editorial Team (Mike): You are the founder of this ingenious protocol, it was easy to create it from scratch, did you immediately bring results?

Alessandro: If only it had been so! In the beginning I think like everyone else everything is uphill, whether you want to become the best singer in your city, or that you want to become the basketball star. In the business game, only those who do not give up wins, and who after each failure adds a step towards success each time. We have clients who have managed to invoice € 60,000 in just over two months, having recently opened their own agency, others who obtain on average between 7 and 10 sales assignments each month. I am very grateful for the results that I am getting, and that I am making my customers achieve, but the road is still very long and the next step will be to conquer the European market.

What are your goals now?

Alessandro: “The goal now that I have with the rest of my team is to become the undisputed market leaders in the Italian real estate sector, and after that to advance from nation to nation and standardize a common brand in Europe that can definitively solve the problem in find quality sales customers. “

If you are real estate agents or a digital marketer, you can follow him on facebook and linkedin. An example to imitate for all young people who aspire to success, and a unique guide for all real estate agents who finally want to obtain extraordinary results in a short time.

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