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SOLD! Shakes Up Live Commerce: How a Polish Startup is Redefining Real-Time Shopping

Where it all started…

During the COVID-19 pandemic and widespread lockdowns, so-called live shopping gained extraordinary popularity, especially on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Despite their wide reach, the portals on which the “lives” were conducted lacked the proper infrastructure for “live” trading. Despite the fact that this method of sales is rather associated with innovation, the main fiddle in the administrative part was not played by advanced interfaces, but by paper and pen, on which successive orders placed by viewers were written down. This often resulted in chaos, which on the one hand led to many amusing situations, but on the other hand, posed a serious challenge for small businesses, especially in the apparel industry, where unpaid and unclaimed orders often began to threaten the financial stability of companies.

SOLD! – A modern solution to the challenges of live shopping

In response to these challenges, an idea for an app that will streamline the live shopping process was developed. The founders of the SOLD! app promise to automate sales during live commerce sessions, allowing sellers to focus on what matters most – selling effectively and providing valuable content for buyers.

SOLD! will be distinguished by advanced features that are expected to be an integral part of live shopping. The app will offer a variety of instant payment options: from card payment, to various mobile payment methods such as Apple Pay, and Google Pay. This functionality will affect the buying process, making it smooth and seamless, thus enabling buyers to make immediate purchases during the live sales event. This is also a major plus for sellers – as the problem associated with buyers “reserving” goods and ghosting will be solved.

In addition, SOLD! will offer even more functionality familiar from e-commerce, but previously unavailable on the social media platforms used for live events, such as the ability to track orders in real time, and a rating and review system for both items and sellers.

Global trends and market outlook for SOLD!

SOLD! is part of the global trend of live shopping, which is growing particularly rapidly in Asian markets. The application has ambitions to replicate this success in European markets, offering a unique combination of live interactivity and advanced features typical of standard eCommerce. The founders of SOLD! believe that in doing so they will respond to growing consumer expectations for a more engaged and immersive shopping experience.

Polish live commerce app SOLD! available soon!

The founders of SOLD! plan to release apps for iOS and Android mobile platforms later this year. SOLD! promises to be accessible to small local businesses, large online stores and even individual retailers alike. The app’s development, supported by co-financing from European Funds, underscores its innovative potential in the retail sector.

SOLD! a new player in the live commerce world

SOLD! faces the opportunity to revolutionize the live shopping landscape in Europe, and the world, addressing the shortcomings of traditional sales methods and introducing user-friendly features. With the automation of the live shopping process, a variety of payment options, reviews, and the ability to track order shipments, the SOLD! has the chance to redefine online retailing in Poland and the European market, opening a new era in the digital shopping experience.

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