‘Preppy Killer’ Robert Chambers under supervised parole in Rockland County

Robert Chambers will be under state parole supervision in Rockland County, Department of Correction records show.

The infamous “Preppy Killer” — who brutally strangled teenager Jennifer Levin in Central Park more than three decades ago — was released from prison this week after serving 15 years in a separate drugs and assault case.

Chamber, 56, will likely have at least one friendly face as he navigates life outside prison: his longtime girlfriend Shawn Kovell.

Kovell, now 54, met Chambers before his trial and stayed loyal to him throughout his initial 15-year prison sentence for manslaughter in the death of Levin in 1986.

A woman who answered Kovell’s cell phone Saturday said Kovell and Chambers “still talk” and indicated she had never written him off.

A photo of Robert Chambers
Chambers served 15 years for manslaughter for the death of Jennifer Levin in 1986 and 15 years for drug charges and was released last week.
Charles Eckert for NY Post

The woman denied being Kovell, who still lives in Manhattan.

Chambers walked out of New York’s Shawangunk Correctional Facility on Tuesday after serving 15 years of a 19-year sentence for running a cocaine and heroin operation out of his Manhattan apartment.

Kovell, who had been living with Chambers until they were busted as drug dealers in 2007, reportedly took the bus upstate for years to visit him in prison during his first stint.

A photo of Robert Chambers.
Chambers after he left Auburn State Prison in Auburn, NY in 2003 after serving 15 years for the death of Jennifer Levin in 1986.
Steven Hirsch for NY Post

Her defense attorney, Franklin Rothman, told The Post Saturday it was hard to forget either Chambers — who he said got an especially harsh sentencing on the drug conviction — or Kovell.

“I don’t know if it’s loyalty or love,” Rothman said of Kovell’s attachment to Chambers.

“She really had significant feelings for him. She genuinely seemed to care for him. Maybe they were a good fit or maybe it was the drugs but it seemed to go pretty deep. I have no idea if she’s waiting for him again this time but maybe they’ve both gotten better. She had some real issues, she was battling demons at the time.”

A photo of Robert Chambers and Shawn Kovell
A photo of Chambers and loyal girlfriend Shawn Kovell, 54, who still lives in Manhattan.
Shawn Kovel/Faceook

A photo of Jennifer Levin.
Chambers tried to claim that 18-year-old Jennifer Levin died as a result of consensual “rough sex” between them although he eventually pleaded guilty to first degree manslaughter. She was found to have been strangled to death.

Chambers first gained notoriety for the slaying of Levin during the summer of 1986, which he claimed was the result of rough sex.

Chambers and Levin, ages 19 and 18, respectively, had run around in the same upper-crust social circle that partied at hotspots like Studio 54 and the fateful Dorrian’s Red Hand Bar on East 84th Street.

No one answered the door Saturday at the apparent home of Chambers’ mother, Phyllis, on Long Island.

A photo of Robert Chambers and his mother.
Chambers pictured in 1988 with with his Irish-born mother who went by the name “Phyllis” when she was a nurse in NYC but now apparently calls herself Mary and lives on Long Island.

A photo of Shawn Kovell.
Shawn Kovell, 54, met Chambers before his first trial on manslaughter charges and waited 15 years for him to get out of prison. The two were arrested on drug charges in 2007 but Kovell did not serve any time.
Shawn Kovel/Facebook

A neighbor said the 92-year-old woman — who now goes by the name Mary — could be both combative and reclusive.

“She doesn’t do anything — she has nothing to do,” Dotty added.

“She doesn’t even have cable. People who live here don’t even know who she is… She barely leaves the house, and she’s really quiet. Sometimes I go and visit with the woman who lives next to her and I cross our little patio here, and when I do, I see her face leave the window really quickly. So I know she’s watching me.”

A woman who identified herself as Mrs. Chambers’ niece, Mary Peterson, came out and threatened a Post reporter, even lunging at her as she yelled at her to leave.

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