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Murray Xperience Family Vlogging

Whether you are commuting to work or traveling the world, filming what you are doing has become a great way for people to connect. Showing bits of what your life is like has become a new way of watching families and this family doesn’t disappoint. 

Murray Xperience is on the cutting edge of family vlogging and definitely a family to keep your eye on. From learning about finances to teaching their kids to cook it doesn’t leave you wondering how. From laughing at what they have done or what they have said, it is truly a great way to spend your leisure time and learning something as well. Relationship advice and parenting advice are something they offer freely and completely entertaining while doing so.  Eric and Pamela Murray have been together 18 years and counting. They have two children, Jordyn and Jaden.

Jordyn who graduated high school early and Jaden who is finishing middle school are able to offer their views on life and traveling after a two year hiatus from the pandemic. Are you ever wondering what teenagers are thinking and what are they interested in? Then, go to their channel to find out. They have tips and ebooks on everything they offer at Murrayxperience.com and when you are done perusing the website go on over to their YouTube channel, Murray Xperience, and follow on TikTok and Instagram. Next time you see them posted somewhere or hear the name Murray Xperience, remember you heard it here first.

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