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There are times that one’s heart and mind go in opposite directions, but perhaps being too much conscious about this situation may prevent us from enjoying what life has to offer. Often when we experience something, we learn that it is not permanent but for sometime, so we need to learn how to overcome duality of thoughts.

Of course, negative and positive thoughts are close friends that we invite all the time to the discussion room in our mind. But how we take care of them is important. While duality is the nature of the universe and our mind can and will dual in nature, indecisiveness, especially in context of love and trust is an important part of it. We have been conditioned by the society that being decisive is what good for a person. But that can’t be true with almost judging Vs perceiving being equally divided.

In the reality beyond the mind, in the reality of oneness, one becomes that which one is present to. That which one focuses on. One doesn’t become oneness by overcoming duality. One becomes oneness by embracing duality for becoming oneness.

The mind cannot help but pop questions endlessly and keep on searching for their answers. While the truth lies beyond questions and answers, the mind ought to just shut up if it wants peace, if it needs answers, it needs stillness and silence – especially in context of human relations and love.

Speaking of the duality of love, we came across to a beautifully depiction in a new original song and music video, “Duality”, voiced by a graceful singer, Christine Restakyan from Georgia. In her amazing music video, stillness and silence are portrayed by two angels, each depicting contrast and duality in love through their own unique ways. Attraction and repulsion, trust and distrust, warm emotions and cold distances are all beautifully acted out in that eye-catching music video.

This masterpiece, is written by no other than Mosi Dorbayani, the famed Canadian award-winning songwriter. A catching, upbeat, pop-electro love song with meaningful lyrics and joyful melody.

The voice of Christine on “Duality” is a great compliment. This gifted singer, was discovered by ‘The World Academy of Arts, Literature and Media, WAALM – UK and Canada’, and as the result, she was invited to collaborate with Mosi Dorbayani, who is based in Vancouver, British Columbia.

“…Christine has all the qualities of a rising star” – Mosi says.

“Duality” is Christine’s first international collaboration, which is released from North American and beyond. You can stream Christine’s works on Spotify:

Watch ‘Duality’, The Music Video Premiere:

You can follow Christine Restakyan & Mosi Dorbayani on social media:







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