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Terry Boucher’s Princess and Peas Series has an Ongoing Negotiation for a Film Co-Production

Terry Boucher is a freelance writer who has degrees in mathematics and moral theology. He works in insurance during the day and teacher’s financial math at night. He is also very involved with his parish’s adult faith formation program. Raising two daughters instilled a love of fairy tales and Broadway musicals in Terry. He lives in Connecticut with his family.

About the Book:

Prince Kevin is coming of age, and his mother, Lady Victoria, wants him to marry a “real princess.” She has found the perfect match for Kevin in Dorothy, a local mayor’s daughter. Lady Victoria invites Dorothy’s family to Christmas dinner to introduce her to Kevin. She has a “princess test” all set using peas and mattresses. But on Christmas Eve, a mysterious young woman named Taryn appears at the royal mansion seeking refuge from a surprise snowstorm, and Kevin seems smitten with this new visitor. Will this mysterious young lady upset Lady Victoria’s plans?

Book Reviews:

This is a brilliant and expertly crafted children’s book. The author blends the unique

mythology of his world with the established lore and legends of ancient Greece and

beyond, incorporating lost worlds and possible creatures thought to be the stuff of myth.

The incorporation of beautifully crafted images to accompany key scenes made this a

well put together read, and the blend of layered storytelling with artfully styled character

development created a narrative that will draw young readers in while giving parents a

new story to bond with their children over. – Tony Espinoza, Hollywood Book Reviews

Author Terry Boucher takes you to the world of fantasy where you get to live in a perfect

world filled with love and good vibes. The characters in the book are kind, warm, and

fun to hang around. Prince Kevin’s family is the ideal family where everyone is

concerned about the welfare of others. Even when wronged, family members have a

way of correcting each other lovingly. While reading the book, I first admired Prince

Kevin and his mother Queen Victoria. The relationship these two had was wonderful, as

one could feel the mother’s love through the author’s text. Prince Kevin was also great

in his way as being kind, understanding, and had a big heart.

Terry Boucher made his characters gentle and charming for young readers. One cannot

help but fall in love with the royal family and the values they have. I enjoyed reading the

book and especially the themes of romance, family, friendship, love, and

disappointment. Terry Boucher is creative and outstanding in her art. The story is

flawless and fascinating through the pages. It is also short which makes it a great book

for readers that enjoy short and sweet stories. Several lessons can be drawn from the

characters; the biggest being love and happiness. To live amicably with others, we

should always stay truthful and forgiving. Being dishonest will only bring wrangles that

can be avoided. This is a great book for young readers who want to learn about family

values and good Christian virtues. – Aaron Washington, Pacific Book Review

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