Bill O’Reilly is conjuring up a book about the Salem witch trials

Minus another best seller killer book these past 10 minutes, Bill O’Reilly’s coming out now with “Killing the Witches: The Horror of Salem, Massachusetts.”

What exactly’s a witch?

“The devil’s bidding. A bargain with Satan. An active spirit saying do whatever and the person does it. There were even male witches who were executed. With every word faithfully recorded, records exist that have been kept in a Massachusetts museum. There was lots of death. 50% survival rate.

“Understand, the Mayflower voyage itself was horrendous. Mayflower diaries reveal that Puritans, our settlers, did not sail with little parasols.

“Once landing, they needed food. God wasn’t serving them breakfast. Weather was harsh, cold, they didn’t know how to grow stuff. Indian tribes helped or they’d have died like Jamestown’s first settlers. Bickering subsequently created migration and teenager Benjamin Franklin — who lived in Boston where witches were imprisoned before execution — learned all this early.

“The Salem witch trials angered Franklin so when the Constitution formed he wanted this new land not religion-based. Patrick Henry wanted it Christian-based.”

Salem witch trials
The Salem witch trials had a fatality rate of 50%.
Universal Images Group via Getty

Why Salem?

“Landing in Plymouth many moved north to Salem to acquire land. Salem has witches everywhere today. All over. It’s the primary industry. The witch mall sells potions, tells your future. Execution site Gallows Hill is still there.

“A ghost is not a witch. A ghost is spirit of a departed someone who hangs around and doesn’t pay rent. Unlike witches, they’re not in league with the devil.”

Or the legal system in Washington. 

Vox popping

I am told Vernon Reid has just been babbling about AI. What exactly that means who knows. May some chatty AI thing tell me.

British-born/Brooklyn-bred, Reid had a major Rolling Stone interview. He’s the Living ­Colour Grammy-winning guitarist, composer, bandleader, co-founder of the Black Rock Coalition. He had a documentary. October his 35th anniversary’s planned for the Hard Rock New York. Rumors roll that Rolling Stones’ Mick Jagger will roll by.

Does this guy’s AI speak British or Brooklyn, this I don’t know.

Vanessa Kirby
Vanessa Kirby stars in “Mission: Impossible — Dead Reckoning Part One.”
Getty Images for Paramount Pictu

‘Impossible’ act?

Vanessa Kirby who played Princess Margaret in “The Crown” has another crowning achievement. She’s the White Widow in “Mission: Impossible — Dead Reckoning Part One,” which by now sounds like Mission 6000.

“In this the audience feels they’re actually jumping off the cliff with Tom Cruise. And you have to train. To run next to him you can’t fall behind. It’s a thriller, a genre of its own.”

Let her stand down. She already got the job. 

To censure dissembler Rep. Adam Bull Schiff, Ultimate Bullbarfer George Santos burped: “Schiff abused his power to pursue Trump. This abhorrent behavior is unacceptable for a member of Congress. We must preserve the integrity of the US House of Representatives.” Even a broken clock is correct twice a day.

And that’s not only in New York, kids, only in New York.

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