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Theme Song Birthrights: Birthrights Isn’t Rocket Science No Confusion

Jamaican artist Ras Dias has this to say.  “Man a  Man, Whoman a Whoman”
He even changes the spelling of the word woman raising a great point.

Women never got an equal say or were represented equally even though the words are men dominant. Look how unequal it is in spelling male 4 letters now fe is 2 letters added to the male word giving you female do the mats, that’s why I now spell the word woman Whoman and that is brilliant.

Context Of The Song Birthrights

The world is crazy or it’s the people getting crazy gender ideology, global warming, human trafficking, children sex slave, and growing. There lg whatever group and community will try to censor this song badly saying it is hate speech but its lyrics are far from that click on the photo below to listen now.

Government and big corporations leading society to the breaking point

This photo speaks for a lot of people imagine a word like pride got so twisted some don’t even like the word anymore. It’s funny how a word can lose its meaning totally and it’s ok by most scholars.


Why I Made This Song?

When I sit and meditate on all the crazy moments of June, it drove me to record this song about all the happiness worldwide, it has been a subject and a hot topic for all ages and religious groups it has raised many headlines and has come to my attention and this is my views and message, listen now on your favourite platform listen now.


Ten years ago it was an outbreak of something new in Jamaica but to the quick action from your artist it didn’t become a pandemic, this song inspired by a true story Ligzy likes was a viral song in Kingston in the first week of Recording but the force behind that ideology try to silence the song and the artists. It was a song that edited us Jamaican of what is to take place in the future like Pride 2023.





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