Indirect Healthcare

This story is about a Security Officer in one of the major hospitals in New York City. He worked at this medical center for many years. He enjoys working there and counts it a great privilege to find himself a worker for such a great health care provider. His journey has not been straight forward, but an understanding of where we are going and how to get there makes any journey worthwhile. He believes most people like to be treated with respect.

Let me tell you how he start working at this medical center. His mother used to work for the same medical center back in the sixties and seventies. She always received awards and recognitions from the hospital Administrative Department commending her for her high quality work so he thought to himself, if his mother is appreciated at work, he could get a job there also. The next morning, he got up early, put on his Sunday-go-meeting clothes, and went to the hospital, and based on her merit he was hired right there on the spot. He start in the Housekeeping Department transferred to the Patients’ Transport Services. and over the years he transferred to the Security Department. Hospitality and hard work took him up the ranks in the Security Department where he became a Security Supervisor.

Healthcare today is a central figure in a drama of vast proportions, around it lives a whole medical revolution unprecedented in world history. The worldwide struggle for good health is not an easy task. It is a huge struggle of taking care of ethnic, cultural, and socio-economic families. At its heart lies the pain, suffering, and neglect of tender loving care that has long alienated a proportion of the world’s population. Sickness and poor health results from the lack of good health education and nutrition. It is our hope that a better understanding of the role of direct and indirect patient care workers will contribute awareness to the fact that our health care providers will continue to produce high quality professional service, capable of maintaining and securing the good health that everyone cherishes today.

The story of hospitality principles used here are highlighted to provide means for everyone in this world to see and apply to get good results over the years. This is not a must do manual, but it’s been said that to achieve a goal, one can actually follow the path of someone who has also done the same. There are so many scenarios to which in his line of work and his humble life he could point out to the fact that going the extra mile in any line of work could easily turn out to be a gold mine in the nearest future. However, we could say that if our hospitality is realized by the ones who wish to do us harm we could say we need to have more knowledge and be more creative than ever before for things to work the way we want it to.

I’ll give you an example. One night, he was working the back exit doors when an elderly lady came out through his exit to go to her car. She appeared to have been visiting a relative, most likely her husband or someone very close to her that was a patient in the hospital. He saw the look on her face that it was dark outside and she had to walk alone to her car, and she was a little afraid. She asked him if it was safe in the streets around the hospital at night and he told her that this was not a bad area, so she walked outside. She walked up the block and stopped, turned around and began to walk back. He knew she was afraid so he had already walked outside to the street and up the block and he met her; she was glad he did because it was a group of young men playing around, smoking cigarettes and drinking beer next to her car. He walked her to her car, and she drove away. The next day she wrote a recognition letter to his Director of Security telling him how he made her feel very safe by his security actions that night. Back then, he had just joined the Security Department and that went a long way for him. This is what is called, indirect patient care and that led him to become a Security Supervisor.

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