Release Covenant shooter’s manifesto, Ron DeSantis’ odd choices

Libertarian: Release Covenant Shooter Manifesto

The debate over releasing the Covenant School shooter’s manifesto should be resolved “by acknowledging the public’s right to know,” insists Reason’s J.D. Tuccille. Americans have a clear “interest in delving into yet another school attack, committed with always-controversial firearms, by a transgender individual,” and Audrey Hale’s writings might shed “light on the crime.” Was the shooter “motivated by anti-Christian bias,” childhood experiences at the school or earlier school shooters? “Did the debate over trans identity play a role?” Police keep “dragging their feet” in releasing the documents, with the victims’ families and the school also against it. Still, “people deserve to know” what they contain. “Suppressing” them just makes everyone “suspect the worst about their contents.”

From the left: When Unions Bully Workers

Trader Joe’s workers in Hadley, Mass. “were promised an independent, grassroots union where everyone would have a voice,” but organizers “marginalized all crew members except those backing the union” and launched “unfair attacks on the company,” grumbles Michael Alcorn at the Washington Examiner. A job at Trader Joe’s “comes with industry-leading wages, generous benefits, flexible schedules, loose uniform requirements and a culture of respect.” But organizers “launched a press campaign accusing Trader Joe’s of prioritizing its bottom line over employees,” and the union iced workers on the fence out of the bargaining. “Employees have few rights or protections in their dealings with unions.” So, “rather than promote unionization at all costs, policymakers should work to ensure that all workers’ voices are respected, even those who question unions’ value.”

From the right: Woke FBI Threatens Democracy

The FBI “has drifted away from its law enforcement moorings,” notes Thomas Baker at The Hill, under the “influence of woke ideology” — witness its assessment on “the threat of Radical-Traditionalist Catholics” despite no evidence “presented of any violent rhetoric, much less violent acts, by Catholics.” “We already know from the Twitter files that today’s FBI has come dangerously close to violating the First Amendment’s guarantee of free speech; now it is that amendment’s protection of religion that is being endangered.” “If Americans are to enjoy the protections of the Bill of Rights, our FBI must first turn away from freewheeling woke intelligence speculations and return to its roots in fact-based law enforcement.”

Gadfly: DeSantis’ Odd Choices

Ron DeSantis is “picking some strange battles lately,” muses National Review’s Jim Geraghty, such as insisting the next prez needs to “do better” on Supreme Court picks than Justices Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett. Yes, “all three justices have libertarian streaks or an overall skepticism of state power that does not always align with the interests of the Republican Party on every single issue.” Yet Donald “Trump’s choices for the Supreme Court are, among conservatives, probably the least vulnerable part of his record as president.” Then, after Trump’s indictment, DeSantis slammed “the Department of Justice, but not the frontrunner.” Why can’t he “say the indictment spells out unforgivably reckless behavior”?

Woke beat: Dodgers’ Unforced Error

“If Harvard Business School ever wants to study why Americans believe their corporate leaders look down on them, the Los Angeles Dodgers would make a splendid case study,” argues The Wall Street Journal’s William McGurn. Facing a furor over plans to honor a Catholic-bashing “troupe of men who dress in drag as nuns,” the Dodgers uninvited the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, then “flip-flopped” amid LGBTQ+ backlash. The team then “resurrected its Christian Faith and Family Day celebration” in a shameless bid to appease alienated fans. Do Dodger execs believe “fans who saw their team taking sides with a group blaspheming the Catholic faith will forget it all in exchange for a Christian day at the ballpark?” Fans find the response “more insulting than the initial actions that set it off.”

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