Post readers on Hunter and Joe’s shady behavior

The Issue: The actions of the government regarding Hunter Biden’s plea deal and business activities.

The government has spent more time investigating Hunter Biden than was spent investigating the assassination of President Kennedy, Watergate and 9/11 (“Timing reeks of bias by the feds,” Miranda Devine, July 31).

A suspicious person might conclude that the government is deliberately stalling in order to reach the statue of limitations. In football this is called “running out the clock.”

Under the law this should be called obstruction of justice.

There needs to be a special prosecutor appointed to investigate the current prosecutor.

Joe Zeloof
Hamilton, NJ

This country’s leadership under President Biden is corrupt. Donald Trump is no angel but both parties are in an all-out fight to gain maintain the presidency, and that is what’s happening now in the prosecution of Trump.

There is corruption in American politics. It is very clear leading up to the upcoming election that the Democrats do not want Trump in the race. The Department of Justice is the weapon they are using to keep him out.

Clearly, there is bias in the prosecution by the DOJ. Look at how the president’s son Hunter is treated with kid gloves. Look at how he is investigated; look at the feds’ attempts to minimize the investigation and any charges against him.

Porter Bankhead
Washington, DC

That sweetheart Hunter Biden deal that was recently nixed by a federal judge is more revealing than Biden (along with his Democratic and media supporters) wants to admit. It shows conclusively that the DOJ and Hunter Biden’s lawyers were colluding to give the president’s son immunity.

There are now two tiers of justice in America: One for Democrats and the Bidens and another for Republicans and Donald Trump.

Steve Heitner
Middle Island

The Department of Justice and FBI did all they could to protect the burgeoning Biden criminal enterprise, but it now comes back to bite them.

Just like Joe Biden’s dog Commander.

The whole plan fell apart. In the aftermath, the feds took the integrity of the justice system down in flames.

Get out of this one, Tricky Joe.

Michael Felicetta
Lavallette, NJ

The only difference between Biden and Trump is that Biden is the crook-in-chief, as overwhelming evidence has shown (“Crooks-in-Chief,” Editorial, July 29).

Trump is not a “crook.” None of the DOJ’s prosecutions against him have any merit whatso­ever.

All the allegations against Trump are politically motivated by a weaponized DOJ and White House known to be corrupt.

The cases currently being prosecuted against Trump, along with the criminal indictments handed down, have no merit.

J.J. Crovatto
Ramsey, NJ

What on Earth is Congress waiting for? Impeach Joe Biden now!

Louis Tomaselli
Cortlandt Manor

The late Leona Helmsley had a pet maltese named Trouble.

I seriously doubt any difficulties caused by that wee dog ever reached the scandalous proportions we are currently witnessing due to Hunter Biden’s reckless, irresponsible and illegal conduct.

The shady family business dealings now under congressional investigation spell “trouble” and may form the catalyst that brings down his father’s presidency.

JoAnn Lee Frank
Clearwater, FL

Considering the state of the union under Biden, ex-prez Barack Obama will have to relinquish his “Worst President in History” trophy.

And you thought nothing would ever be able to top that disaster.

Walter Goldeski
East Brunswick, NJ

The judge forgot a big follow-up question when the DOJ prosecutor said he had never seen such an immunity deal: “Why did you agree to it?”

Richard Berk

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