Our totally fake ‘green energy transition’

That ongoing energy transition the Biden administration and its pet journos are always hyping up — you know, the one that’s going to magically save us all from coming climate doom?

Turns out it’s completely fake.

Consider: The latest data, including that released by industry-standard the Statistical Review of World Energy, show nothing like a transition “well underway” (to quote Politico). 

From 2004 to 2022, the numbers show, worldwide spending on wind and solar power totaled some $4.1 trillion. 

Over that same period, global hydrocarbon usage — oil, gas, coal — increased by 110 exajoules, vs. 32 for wind and solar. 

Indeed, the only year since 2010 that saw a decrease in fossil-fuel usage was 2020. 

In other words, it takes a global pandemic and months of draconian restrictions on commerce and movement to dent the march of hydrocarbons.

Without such extraordinary soul- and economy-crushing policies, planet-wide use of “dirty” energy is still growing faster than use of “clean” power.

Wind turbines operate in Palm Springs, California.
Wind turbines operate in Palm Springs, California.

And the same remains true for the United States, too.

Yes, solar and wind output is growing. And that’s by no means a bad thing. 

But wind and solar output goes primarily to electricity, which accounts for only about a fifth of final energy demand. 

In the overall picture — which includes vehicle fuel, heating and other uses — hydrocarbons remain supreme

Green energy is also still growing at a snail’s pace. If the 4% rate of increase over the past decade holds constant, the world can’t go fully green for more than two centuries. 

Yes, the rate of increase in the use of fossil fuels has slowed, but it’s still increasing. 

This makes perfect sense. Fossil fuels remain the most effective way for humans to access energy at scale. 

That’s even more true outside the developed world. 

Even if it offends climate freaks and their fetishistic love of wind and solar

It remains true despite the war the Biden administration is waging on domestic energy production (which likely accounts for at least some of the slowdown in fossil fuel use).  

The relentless deluge of media propaganda around the concept of a green transition, too, can’t change the facts. 

This Post Reader believes the Biden administration's energy transition is completely fake.
This Post Reader believes the Biden administration’s energy transition is completely fake.
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Even as hydrocarbon use continues to climb (and will continue to climb), lefty journalists hype up the nonexistent transition

From 2015 to 2022, in just The New York Times, yearly use of the phrase “energy transition” increased more than 1,500%

It’s the perfect analogy for so many Dem-beloved policy solutions: media sound and fury, signifying nothing

And doing actual harm, in that the same green fanatics are doing everything they can to stymie nuclear, which must form the backbone of any real transition. 

That’s what happens when your core policy programs are driven by tweets, not reality. 

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