NYC’s City Hall is having a war on pizza

The Issue: City Hall’s proposed rule restricting pizzerias’ use of coal- and wood-burning stoves.

Is there any end to the leftist whining over every little thing that upsets them (“A pie in the face,” June 27)?

Now they want to go after wood- and coal-burning pizza ovens. Anyone who has had John’s Pizza on Bleecker Street knows that it’s the best-tasting pizza ever — period.

They did away with those great sandwich and hot-food stations in the Irish bars, where years ago you could get a fantastic meal at a fantastic price.

And they want everyone to start using electric appliances in their kitchens. This is how they get started: First it only applies to new establishments, but before too long, everyone will have to convert their kitchens.

Let’s face it: If we let these lunatics continue on their present trajectory, it won’t be long before they have us all eating Soylent Green.

Rick Cabrera


Implementing congestion pricing, banning gas-powered stoves and now trying to ban some pizza ovens — the climate-change-industrial complex just won’t stop.

Meanwhile, its biggest supporters, like John Kerry and billionaire Democratic donors, live their lives as though there’s no threat at all, foisting sacrifices on everyone but themselves.

It’s not enough to roll our eyes and talk about how dumb this is. People need to realize that our freedom and standard of living are at risk.

Gary Mottola


Congratulations are in order for Mayor Adams.

Apparently, he has cleaned up all subway and street crime and assaults along with the homeless, drugs, shoplifting and illegal migrants.

Now he’s onto the more dangerous job of obliterating pizza ovens owned by small businesses and mom/pop pizzerias.

Nothing says New York like a rubbery crust and tasteless pie.

J. Impreveduto

Naples, Fla.

Sadly, Mayor Adams is blindly dedicated to e-bikes, which are causing people’s deaths. There are even plans to put e-bike charging stations, which can cause battery fires, outside NYCHA housing (“Trouble on two wheels,” Nicole Gelinas, PostScript, June 25).

Unfortunately, Adams is less dedicated to iconic New York City pizza baked in traditional wood and coal ovens, even though pollutants from the spontaneous combustion of e-bikes’ lithium batteries are likely more noxious.

William T. Fidurski

Clark, NJ

For eco-warriors, arboreal embracers and old-fashioned nature boys, the fight for the planet will not be won on a busy tarmac. Nor will it be waged across shipping lanes in the ocean or over the scalding pavement of the interstate.

Who knew the frontline for global warming was inside an 800-degree pizza oven? For pizza to truly go green, it’ll take much more than a heaping helping of basil. While canvas tote bags and bicycles won’t save us, cold pizza just might.

Oliver Mosier


New York City wants to crack down on pizza parlors using coal- or wood-burning ovens because of the carbon they emit. Adams says this will clean the air we breathe.

Coal- and wood-burning pizza ovens make the best pizza ever. If you restrict these ovens in the city, shouldn’t you also ban outdoor BBQ that uses charcoal/wood?

Both ideas are nonsense. Is this is all the people in public office have to offer?

All those in favor of these rules should be voted out of office in the next election because of the fact that they have no common sense.

Jimmy Durda

The Bronx

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