Letters to the Editor — July 29, 2023

The Issue: The collapse of a plea deal offered to Hunter Biden after questioning by the case’s judge.

The fortitude exemplified by Judge Maryellen Noreika in placing the kibosh on Hunter Biden’s unsuitable sweetheart plea deal has restored some semblance of belief in the American judicial system (“Son burn!” July 27).

The proposed plea deal was, quite frankly, a mockery of the justice system and how it is designed to function.

The term “Bidenomics” should describe the all-encompassing devious plan to enrich the Biden family monetarily.

An impeachment inquiry needs to be commenced immediately.

Denis David

East Rockaway

Is Joe Biden’s eagerness to run for another term born of his desire to shield his son from the long arm of the law?

The quashing of Hunter’s plea deal now seems to make certain that Joe Biden will have to face facts and not run — and he and his extended family may face a future filled with dates in court.

How else to explain all the distasteful business dealings with Ukraine and China over the years, starting during Biden’s terms as vice president?

It would be interesting to get hold of the banking records of all involved, going right back to Biden’s early years in the Senate.

Further, the media and government agencies should be ashamed of their continued whitewashing. Crimes have been committed, and America deserves to have straightforward answers.

Lillian Marsano


The Democrats’ cry that “no one is above the law” is ringing true at least in one instance.

The implosion of the contrived and contentious deal for Hunter Biden’s egregious alleged crimes is swinging the pendulum to a more balanced judicial system.

His potential violations of the FARA act, his flouting of gun laws and his profiteering from possible bribes (which he allegedly shared with dad) were being obfuscated and replaced with minor offenses, which avoided jail time.

The charges presented were an insult to Judge Noreika’s integrity. The conspirators’ attempt to rubber-stamp the plea deal fell apart and Hunter’s actions will now face more scrutiny.

Anthony Bruno


Had Hunter Biden simply paid his taxes and picked up his laptop from a repair shop, who knows where the investigation would be?

And the Biden fixers are trying to make the American public swallow the suggestion that Hunter was worth $83,333 per month to secure his expertise on a board of a foreign gas company, and the millions that poured into the Biden accounts because Hunter is a shrewd business consultant were legitimate.

Right: But he couldn’t be bothered to pick up the main piece of evidence that started all of this. I am tired of having my intelligence insulted. What about all of you?

Sean Kelly


Under this deal, Hunter would have pled guilty to minor charges and gotten a slap on the wrist and immunity from further charges, while on the other hand there would be an “ongoing investigation” conveniently preventing the release of information to Congress. The judge apparently caught on.

Meanwhile, we hear that the president was not involved in Hunter’s business, but the obvious question is: What if it’s Joe’s business, and Hunter is just the front man?

If it’s a case of influence-peddling, it was always Joe’s business, not Hunter’s. It will be interesting to see if the protection racket falls apart over the next month or so.

Barry McIntyre

Calgary, Canada

The implosion of Hunter Biden’s shoddy plea deal just proves it was nothing but a scheme based on politics.

Kudos to Delaware’s Judge Maryellen Noreika for seeing through the farce, which was devoid of real justice and crafted by incompetent lawyers.

Now it’s time for the Department of Justice to begin again — this time seeking justice that is untainted by political interference.

The whole world is watching.

Mel Young


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