Letters to the Editor — April 6, 2023

The Issue: The arraignment of former President Donald Trump for 34 counts of falsifying business records.

Stab someone, and Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg will plead it down (“Trumped up,” April 5).

Rape someone, and Alvin will plead it down. Rob someone, and Alvin will plead it down.

Alvin seems to have adopted the revolving-door system of justice: Arrest them and turn them loose. That’s the Alvin way. The only way you can really get into trouble in Manhattan is to disagree with Alvin’s political agenda.

It seems to me that Alvin is unleashing a voracious monster by politicizing the judicial system.

If Alvin doesn’t like your politics, he’ll search his law books until he can find something he can prosecute you for.

Edward Carway

Somerset, NJ

Bragg is a disgrace to justice. He allows murderers and thieves to roam the streets unabated but spares no expense to prosecute Trump for what is, at worst, a misdemeanor.

The witch hunt continues.

Dennis Zielinski

Lyndhurst, NJ

For years now, Democrats and their coat-holders in the liberal media have sanctimoniously positioned themselves as champions and defenders of American democracy and its cherished norms, traditions and institutions.

But the indictment of former President Donald Trump reveals that Democrats do far more to harm than to defend these things.

Make no mistake about it: Bragg’s grotesque perversion of justice designed to kneecap a political enemy has plunged America into what may be its very darkest days.

Indeed, this politically motivated stunt orchestrated by the left is but the latest proof that the greatest threats to our democracy and our cherished norms and institutions have come not from the rise of Trump, but rather the response to it.

Michael DiStefano

Jamestown, RI

Regardless of political affiliation, any reasonable person can easily surmise that this is a contorted indictment to fulfill Bragg’s campaign promise to get Trump.

Bragg is an unprincipled, radical district attorney who has manipulated the state penal law to align with his grossly misguided criminal justice beliefs.

In doing so, he is executing a political vendetta against Trump. All the while, he allows hardened criminals to prey on law-abiding New Yorkers with impunity.

One thing that Bragg has proven beyond a reasonable doubt is that a two-tiered system of justice is in full play in this country.

Denis David

East Rockaway

This fiery hatred the Democrats have for Trump is going to start a series of events that will be hard to stop. Now any former president, including Democrats, will be the subject of intense legal scrutiny — and this is just wrong.

What person in a position of power hasn’t paid someone to sign a non-disclosure agreement? Unfortunately, there are now in our country individuals who peddle these arrangements for no other reason than to extort high amounts of money from those who would rather pay than have their names dragged through the mud.

Rick Cabrera


President Bill Clinton was impeached for perjury and obstruction of justice, but wasn’t removed from office or sent to prison.

President Barack Obama used the IRS to harass Tea Party groups. It’s no secret in Washington that President Biden’s family used his name to rake in questionable millions overseas. Gov. Andrew Cuomo used new York state workers to help write his book, yet still keeps a $5 million fee.

While Republican Trump is indicted, and maybe with cause, all the above individuals and agencies got away and are getting away with this behavior. The common thread is they are all Democrats.

Our Constitution is being shredded, and a majority of Americans don’t care as long as their party wins an election. Lady Liberty’s torch grows dimmer by the hour.

John Brindisi


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