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Le Bateau by Arcanis will be soon seen on a global level

Arcanis has just signed by the top fashion industry brands with his Le Bateau concept. This unique concept of his seems to have quickly become the revival of the French luxury in the world. Le Bateau is mainly about art, including boat sculptures and paintings. Arcanis combines his art and skill to develop this art.

This art is French historical art, and he is the first Frenchman who revived this art of the “Low Poly Papercraft” style. And he adds his unique touch by reviving this art with a touch of his metalworking knowledge. Le Bateau is a perfect representation of aestheticism and craftsmanship, and it is not far that we will see Arcanis on major fashion brands.

Signed by top fashion brands

Surprisingly, this short journey is going successfully for Arcanis and Le Bateau because it is signed by world-leading fashion brands including Hermes, Channel, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Rolex, etc. In this way, Le Bateau quickly revived the French Luxury fashion across the glove in no time.

Being signed by these brands makes it possible for Arcanis to introduce limited edition artwork pieces made with these brands. Hermes boat and Rolex boat are amazing examples here. Even better, there might be limited edition fashion items coming from these brands as a collaboration between these brands and Arcanis’ Le Bateau.

One of the reasons behind this quick success is the timeless art that revives French historical art and combines it with modern-day metallurgy. That’s what people love the most about it. Secondly, it spreads the message of freedom, traveling, leaving everything behind, and the refusal of stability through the boat art.

Additionally, different fashion brands are interested in the digital ventures happening inside the metaverse. Signing with prestigious brands worldwide might be the opportunity for Arcanis to make his way inside this digital space.

Arcanis holding global exhibitions

Arcanis has already exhibited his artwork in Miami, Geneva, Paris, etc. There he got an amazing response from the audience and recognition as well. That’s not all for Arcanis because he soon will be holding global-level exhibitions across different parts of the world, including Dubai, New York, Las Vegas, etc.

These global-level exhibitions will be the key to spreading awareness about this revival of historically artistic French luxury and its combination with the modern-day fashion industry. Arcanis’ Le Bateau is already available in limited edition options with authenticity certificates. Apart from this physical industry, there is a lot of potential for Arcanis in the digital world.

So, if he holds exhibitions across different parts of the world showcasing his artwork, he may inspire a large audience towards his art and expertise in the field. Currently, The Boat is circling different Social Media platforms across the globe that have also gotten the attention of some art stars who want to acquire a multitude of pieces of Le Bateau from Arcanis.

Collaborations with other artists

Currently, Arcanis is working as a standalone artist and designing his masterpieces of art. The only collaborations to date are with some of the prestigious world’s leading fashion industry tycoons. In the coming days, there might be some other collaborations.

Some of them may focus on the physical products, but considering the metaverse fuss around the globe, Arcanis may collaborate with some leading NFT artists. Who knows when we may see a combination of the bored ape yacht club and Le Bateau?

Today, Arcanis has a lot of options like Pak, Beeple, XCOPY, and much more. Arcanis can step into the world of physical artwork or digital art like NFTs. All he needs is some intuitive idea along with a collaborative deal.

Arcanis will soon be a social media star.

Today, it is necessary for everyone to have a digital presence. Whether there is a business of any scale or an influencer, the person who does not take advantage of the digital space lacks behind. Arcanis wonderfully takes advantage of the digital space. He already has his presence across world-leading social media platforms, including TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

Some of those accounts are not that popular, like the YouTube account: Arcanis design, which only has a few above 500 subscribers, and the total views on the channel are currently shy of 12K. The same goes with Instagram, where fewer than 16K followers. However, things are a little different with TikTok.

TikTok is currently one of the best content creation and sharing platforms, and over there, Arcanis has around 30K Followers and a little shy of 50K likes. It was surprising for everyone as he got this huge following on TikTok within a week, which shows how much noticed his artwork is around the globe. It is not far that one-day Arcanis will gain millions of fan following across different social media platforms.

The global exhibitions, collaborations with other artists, and signing deals with different brands all have equal participation here. If Arcanis lacks in any of this, his dreams may start moving a little far, but with this consistency that he has today, it is not far that we see Arcanis as an emerging social media star as well as a star artist in the world.

A major role in the success of Arcanis is the unique way of reviving French art and his metalworking knowledge. However, his passion for art still stays on the top, which made him quit working in the metallurgy industry and start working as an artist. The desire for freedom is what most people want, and through his art and expertise with metalworking, Arcanis can achieve that in no time.

Arcanis has just made his way into the fashion world, and he is already revolutionizing the French luxury fashion industry. It is because of how well he can demonstrate his metalworking knowledge and passion for art.

Currently, he desires to connect with as many people in this industry as possible to ensure a promising future. It is the reason why this artistic concept of Le Bateau has already signed deals with some of the world-leading fashion brands, and there is still much more to come.

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