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How Nigel Lee or better known as BezKnowsTalent, is assisting artists in realizing their dreams

BezKnowsTalent was brought up in a single African American parent home in Washington, DC by his mother, who worked hard and instilled the hustle in him to succeed in life. BezKnowsTalent’s first love has always been music. Growing up in the DMV area, he encountered supergroup Dru Hill, a Baltimore-based band, who gave BezKnowsTalent an early glimpse into the music industry. Bez had to show to himself that he could make it after moving to Atlanta, Georgia, with only $425 in his pocket. Years of hard work and dedication have transformed his life into something far more fulfilling than he could have dreamed, and he is now assisting others in realizing their ambitions.

Bez is the founder of “Bez Knows Talent,” a marketing consultancy firm dedicated to assisting indie and major artists in getting their music heard by a broad audience. Bez helps his clients go where they need to go by bridging the gap.

Bez knows the importance of making the right connections and investing himself. These two things are the most important things to do if you want to be successful in the music industry. Bez has accomplished things that few others can match during the course of his 12-year career in the music industry.

In the past 12-years, Bez has helped artists to get into the top 100 Billboard six times so far. In addition, he has also got platinum plaques under his name from well-known artists including Lloyd, Machine Gun Kelly, and DJ Khaled. You will be amazed to know that Bez has also achieved Gold Certification on one of Lil Wayne’s projects. More importantly, he also helped Fly Reef (an independent artist) to chart his single at the 8th spot on Billboard. With his years of experience in the music industry, it should not come as a surprise that Bez has taken an independent artist gold on Spotify and top 10 independent on the DRT charts.

In his daily endeavors, Bez takes tremendous delight in delivering results and raising artists’ careers to levels they’ve never experienced before. He continues to improve his game as he strives to provide just the best for his clients. Bez launched his music label, 87theLabel, with a few of his business colleagues, which is one of the most significant actions he’s taken in the last year. He also landed his first artist under the label, Keys, as well as a joint venture with TCDL, as a result of this. With “87theLabel,” Bez has been placing points on the board, and the record label has a promising future in the music industry.

Bez values integrity, loyalty, and being true to oneself. His goal has always been the same; to help artists reach their goals. He assists them in distribution, label, and single deals. He has helped many artists to get paid.

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