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10 Questions with Alaa Shoier, A Rising Star in Egypt

The Egyptian film industry has been blessed with many talented actors over the years. Among them, Alaa Shoier, a young Egyptian actor, has gained global popularity within less time. Alaa Shoier stepped into the Egyptian film industry in 2018 with a famous TV series. His success relies upon his hard work and acting skills, but the 28- years old actor also resembles the celebrity Chris Hemsworth.

In a short interview with this young star, we have extracted so much about him for his fans. Because we know, people want to know more about him. 

The Egyptian Brad Pitt was born in Cairo in 1992. When he was only 16, he moved foreign in many countries including Russia, Greece, Prague and UAE. He got his Bachelor’s degree from Greece and his Master’s degree from UAE. This is how the young talent learned about multiple cultures, which aided in his acting career. The superstar knew that he was born for acting. When he was in school, he would participate in school-based dramas.

He always got an appreciation for his little acting projects. In 2018, his destiny changed when his friend asked him for a meeting, and there he met the famous Egyptian film director. This director offered Shoier a role in his upcoming series. This opportunity opened the doors for his acting career. 

The actor believes that building a career in the film industry is not an easy thing. It needs social connections. These connections are even more important at the beginning of the acting career. The actor thinks that he is still at the start of his acting journey; he is still concerned about building up connections in the film industry to grow. Today Alaa Shoier is a renowned actor in the Egyptian industry because of his” Eagle of Upper Egypt.” The TV series was released in 2018. 

For Shoier, the true meaning of life is living and spending time with family.” A happy and content living with family is an actual success”, says Alaa Shoier. He further adds,” In my career building, my family has played a major role, and I truly acknowledge the fact.” For the shinning superstar, family comes first in any case, and this is his true success. 

Just like other living beings, the actor is also afraid of death. 

Alaa Shoier is one of the unique actors in the Egyptian film industry. Besides his resemblance with the Hollywood celebrity, the actor looks more European than Egyptian. This makes him get fit into new characters and styles in the film industry of Egypt. The actor hates cheating and lying. He wants to work with full sincerity and expects this from others too. Alaa Shoier says he can never think of cheating his loved ones. 

The young actor loves Thai cuisine. He shares that Thai food has great taste and quality at a cheap price. “The unique taste and spice level make it my favorite cuisine so far,” the actor says. 

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