His teasing has gotten mean, and he won’t stop

Dear Amy: My husband has always had a creative and witty sense of humor, and we have spent many hours in our decade-long marriage laughing until our eyes water. I love the fact that he has the ability to make people laugh.

Over the past few years, he has gone from poking fun at me in an actual funny way to him just being creatively mean.

One example of his humor: He will pretend he’s limping, dragging his foot behind him and groaning. This started more than two years ago when I was briefly hobbled by a broken foot. Honestly, at this point I don’t think it’s funny.

Another example started when we were playing a trivia game with friends. I blanked on the name of one of my favorite actresses, and ever since then he has called me “Movie Buff [followed by a slur used to insult mentally challenged people].”

Those and other comments he makes about me feel like an attack on my values and personality, and they persist daily, to the point where our children (all under the age of 10) mirror this behavior. Now they seem to feel it is appropriate to joke in the same manner.

He knows this bothers me and continues to poke fun, regardless.

How do I address this issue?

And where does this behavior come from? True teasing fun, or deep-down insecurity?

Not Laughing Anymore

Dear Not Laughing: Nothing about these comments is creative, witty or even classifiable as humor.

I can almost imagine how your husband impersonating you hobbling on your broken foot might have been sort of “cute” at one point, but that point has long passed.

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