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Exclusive feature on the Great MMA Fighter, Uran Satybaldiev

There are many great fighters that are poised to be up and coming superstars in the mixed martial arts world.   Great MMA fighters can come from all corners of the world such as the U.S, Japan and Brazil.

In this case, there is a great up and coming fighter case from Kyrgyzstan that could very well be poised to make a big run in MMA.  This fighter’s name is Uran Satybaldiev.  Born in Osh City, Kyrgyzstan, Satybaldiev fights in the light heavyweight division

Nicknamed “The Gorilla”, Satybaldiev is a light heavyweight.  He has a record of 5-1-0 in his MMA career.  

Uran Saltybaldiev debuted on February 22nd 2020.

Satybaldiev started off his career with a victory over a then undefeated Manarbek Shaikhenov in a light heavyweight match at an event known as Grand Prix Alash Drive.

He won his match as decisively as a Mike Tyson fight in the early 90s.  Satybaldiev defeated Shaikhenov via punches in the 1st round of his debut match.  He won the match in just 28 seconds.   This is certainly not a bad way to start your first day as an official mixed martial arts fighter.

Satybaldiev’s next fight wouldnt take place for another 13 months.   His next fight was on April 2021.   However, he did not have this fight as a light heavyweight.   He would drop down in weight and end up fighting this fight as a middleweight in a promotion known as the Falco Fighting Championship.

He would take on a fighter that was making his debut in Khusniden Tursunaliev.  Satybaldiev would get the best of Tursunaliev as well. He would win this match via TKO in 1:22 of the second round.  Satybaldiev would improve to 2-0 in his career.

Satybaldiev had a very short break as his next match would be the following month against Vladislav Kutnesov.  He would retransition back to light-heavyweight.  Once again, Satybaldiev would find himself in the winners circle as he would beat Kutsenov in the second round in a match overseen at Open Fighting Championship 4.

In the 1st round, it seemed like Kutsenov was beginning to get the better of Satybaldiev on the ground.  However, Satybaldiev would adjust and gain control of Kutsenov.  He would unleash a series of punches on Kutsenov.

About a minute into the second round, Satybaldiev would take down Kutsenov and wear him down with punches until Kutsenov couldn’t defend himself anymore.

In August 2021, Satybaldiev would taste victory again as he defeated Khusan Rakhimov via punches 3:36 into the first round at Open Fighting Championship 8.

Then, Satybaldiev would take on Ilya Bochkov in another match with the Open Fighting Championship promotion.

About 27 seconds into the fight, Satybaldiev nailed Bochkov with a blistering right hand and took him to ground.  From then on, Satybaldiev seized firm control of things on the ground.  Bochkov decided not to continue on with the fight after the 1st round.  He became the Open FC Champion as a result of the win.

As of now, Saltybaldiev is the top ranked light heavyweight out of Kyrgyzstan.

There is no doubt that the future is quite bright for Uran Satybaldiev.

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