Elon Musk microdoses ketamine to treat depression: report

Elon Musk uses small doses of ketamine to treat depression and occasionally takes full doses of the popular club drug known as Special K when he attends parties, according to a report.

Musk’s alleged use of ketamine — a tranquilizer that has hallucinogenic qualities and is usually prescribed by veterinarians — is part of a growing trend by Silicon Valley executives who have engaged in recreational use of psychedelics for alleged benefits in boosting business performance and creativity, the Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday.

According to the publication, the Tesla, Twitter and Space X boss has told people he microdoses ketamine for depression, and he also takes full doses of Special K at parties, according to people who have witnessed his drug use and others who have direct knowledge of it.

The Post reached out to Musk for comment.

After The Journal story was published, Musk took to his social media platform to tout the benefits of ketamine, which has gained popularity as an alternative treatment for depression.

“Depression is overdiagnosed in the US, but for some people it really is a brain chemistry issue,” Musk tweeted.

“But zombifying people with SSRIs for sure happens way too much,” he added, referring to more common anti-depressants.

Musk, who famously smoked marijuana during an appearance on Joe Rogan’s podcast, added: “From what I’ve seen with friends, ketamine taken occasionally is a better option.”

The purported benefits of ketamine have also attracted the attention of Wall Street executives, who reportedly pay $750 at a swanky Manhattan clinic that injects them with the drug.

Tesla mogul Elon Musk reportedly uses ketamine to treat depression.
Tesla mogul Elon Musk reportedly uses ketamine to treat depression.

The billionaire wasn’t the only tycoon to allegedly dabble in hallucinogenic drugs.

Musk’s good friend, Google co-founder Sergey Brin, has dropped magic mushrooms, The Journal reported.

Brin was not immediately available for comment.

The ‘shrooms, which contain the hallucination-inducing chemical psilocybin, and LSD have been shown in clinical trials to have benefits in treating depression and other mental health maladies.

The Journal reported on a vast underground of tech-centric parties and social gatherings where executives employ chemists and even buy ecstasy and other hallucinogens from drug dealers.

Founders Fund, the high-powered San Francisco-based venture capital firm co-founded by Peter Thiel, is reported to have thrown exclusive parties that involved psychedelic drug use, according to The Journal.

A spokesperson for Founders Fund told The Journal: “Research shows that psychedelics can provide significant mental health benefits, and we support public and private sector efforts to make these drugs safely and legally available.”

Spencer Shulem, the New York City-based CEO of the startup firm, credits use of LSD with helping him concentrate and think creatively.

Shulem, who said he takes LSD once every three months, told The Journal that psychedelics give him a leg up against other techies who are vying for venture capital cash.

“They don’t want a normal person, a normal company,” he said of VC firms.

Elon Musk's friend, Google co-founder Sergey Brin, reportedly uses magic mushrooms.
Elon Musk’s friend and Google co-founder, Sergey Brin, reportedly uses magic mushrooms — which have been shown in clinical trials to have benefits in treating depression and other mental health maladies.
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“They want something extraordinary. You’re not born extraordinary.”

Nonetheless, Shulem said he does not actively encourage his workers to take LSD.

 “I am not having a preaching seminar every Friday about the joys of drugs,” he said.

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