Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan is treating the Supreme Court with contempt

“Donald Trump promises a post-democratic second term,” The Washington Post blared Monday, arguing that Trump already showed contempt for “rules” when in office, and “acted as though they didn’t exist.” 

Boy, if you think that’s a story, have we got a scoop for you! 

In complete defiance of the Supreme Court, and ignoring the rules that govern the separation of powers, President Biden has decided by dictatorial fiat to nevertheless “forgive” hundreds of billions in student loans. 

This is contempt of Congress, of the courts, of our entire system of government, yet the liberal media can’t be bothered to care. 

Because spending $475 billion on a project Democrats believe in, and will help buy them votes, is what matters most. 

In fact, the press had decided the Supreme Court is not “legitimate” and therefore its decisions don’t matter.

Don’t you know judicial rulings only apply to Republicans? 

Do Democrats believe in “norms” or not?

Congress is in charge of spending. The courts decide what moves are constitutional.

One branch of government is not allowed to run roughshod over the others, and Biden and his media handmaidens know that.

Any kid who watched “Schoolhouse Rock!” knows that. 

Biden is already running a “post-democratic” presidency, making up policy on the border and student loans and acting as though he can do whatever he wants to with no oversight. 

If you truly believe in the rules, then stand up for them — no matter who is president.

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