Adams’ ‘reckless’ reality, the president’s pettiness and more

Diary of disturbing disinformation and dangerous delusions

This claim:

“Republicans on the other side have spent four years almost kind of weaponizing Biden’s age against him.”

— Politico’s Kyle Cheney, Sept. 1

We say: PBS “Washington Week with The Atlantic” panelists did their best to debunk polling showing Americans think President Biden, 80, is too old to serve another term.

Cheney says it’s “driven” by GOP advertising, which The Atlantic’s Mark Leibovich insists is “lying” in “saying he’s out of it.”

Moderator Jeffrey Goldberg agreed: “Mentally, he’s quite acute.”

Sure he is: He just keeps forgetting things like the name of the MLK Jr. relative he’s singing “Happy Birthday” to, the NBA star he’s hosting at the White House, even the name of the Hawaiian island ravaged by wildfires.

A week doesn’t go by without Biden saying something proving “he’s out of it.”

This exchange:

Joy Behar: “Yeah, but California is in trouble all the time with a lot of homeless and a lot of problems they’re having.”

Sunny Hostin: “But they have a lot of good programs when it comes to climate change.:

— “The View,” Wednesday

We say: We can’t believe Behar said something sensible either.

Hostin touted Gavin Newsom as a Biden backup, saying the California gov is “responsible for one of the largest economies in our country, if not the largest economy.”

When Behar responded noting Newsom’s failures, Hostin pushed them aside: Hey, who cares if people and businesses are leaving the state’s cities in droves — the ones who can — thanks to rampant homelessness, crime and drug addiction?

The handsome gov has his own priorities!

This statement:

“I’m representing the president, so petty is just not on the menu.”

Karine Jean-Pierre, Thursday

We say: The White House press secretary made this whopper of a whopper in Vogue’s panegyrical profile of her.

Petty could be the prez’s middle name.

Multiple veteran Washington reporters used the word in discussing Biden leaving The Post, among other outlets, off the invite list of last year’s Christmas party.

He put a two-week no-fly zone over Del Rio, Texas, to keep Fox News’ drone from delivering images of the chaotic southern border.

He won’t let his officials mention the Abraham Accords, one of his predecessor’s biggest successes. And on and on.

This charge:

“Mayor Adams’ remarks that the influx of new arrivals ‘will destroy New York City’ are reckless and unproductive fear-mongering.”

Legal Aid Society, Thursday

We say: Whatever Adams’ failings in the city’s migrant crisis, it’s hardly “dystopian,” as the far-left group also claims, to point out Gotham can’t afford the costs of the 110,000 from the southern border who’ve arrived in the last year — with more coming every day.

Adams is simply speaking sense; if only other Democrats would listen.

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