Biden’s 9/11 trip to Alaska and more: Letters

Joe’s 9/11 snub

Recently, the White House explained that the president will travel to Alaska to mark the somber occasion of 9/11 after his Sept. 10 trip to Hanoi, Vietnam, where he will meet with Vietnamese leaders (“Give us a ‘break,’ ” Sept. 4).

It will be the first time that a president has not attended any of the observances that have been held annually in New York City, Pennsylvania, Virginia or at the White House.
9/11 was one of the worst events in our country’s history.

The decision to forgo the traditional observance at the attack sites or the White House raises concerns about the administration’s priorities.

It’s vital to prioritize commemorating the heroes and victims of 9/11 above all else on this day of remembrance.

Many Americans find it disheartening that the focus appears to have shifted away from honoring the memory of those who perished, and that the awareness of 9/11 is receding.

It was a terrorist attack against our country, and everybody should remember it, take every precaution, watch out vigilantly and hope it never happens again.

Lou Walker

Cape Coral, Fla.

Tree tragedy
“Green thumbs” really hit home with me as an East Village resident (Chadwick Moore, PostScript, Sept. 4).
Beautiful East River Park is being destroyed with a thousand 75-year-old trees already savagely cut down under a City Council decree in the name of flood mitigation.

There was a plan approved after many public hearings to build an eight-foot wall between the park and FDR Drive.

Several months later, a new plan (costing three times the price of the original one) was quickly put into action calling for cementing over all the grassy and flower-filled areas, as well as cutting down all the trees.

There was a huge neighborhood outcry while the city denied there was any “original” plan.

The residents had to activate a Freedom of Information Law request to prove that there was indeed an original plan.

Too late, unfortunately.

So much for the Million Trees NYC program.

It will take more than 75 years to fully replace our park and those magnificent trees.

Carol Puttre-Czyz

East Village

Mask madness
Don’t look now, but the crazy liberals who occupy positions of authority are starting to mask up again, conveniently timed for the election year of 2024 (“Use that mask to gag Fauci,” Miranda Devine, Sept. 7).

These people really lost whatever sanity they had left after Donald Trump was elected president.

They will say, “You must wear a mask indoors and when you’re around others.”

And then they’ll say, “If you want to be part of normal everyday society, you must get the fifth, sixth or seventh vaccination.”

Forget the absolute fact that neither of these so-called precautions do anything to prevent you from getting COVID.

It doesn’t matter to them, because their true motives have nothing to do with COVID and everything to do with manipulating the upcoming elections.

Rick Cabrera


No drugs near kids
Pediatrician Dr. Candice Foy claims of children consuming their parents recreational drugs: “A lot of times, it’s a mistake made by a good parent” (“NY kids’ gummy scares,” Sept. 4).

Sorry, no.

Leaving dangerous or deadly recreational drugs, or any medications, where children can access them should be felony child endangerment.

That is not a good parent.

Lose the drugs, buy a clue.

Brian Finn

Stamford, Conn.

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