Biden might do something about the migrant crisis if they went to his beach

Hitting the high sea-son

Before residents leave New York, tourists stop coming, all stores close, Broadway shuts, migrants take over and we turn into a parking lot, why not send these incomers to Delaware? 

Biden’s beach? Where instead of helping us he’s sunning himself?

Let’s flood Delaware with migrants — and while you’re at it check Delaware in general.

More. New Robb Report reports NY’s richest town isn’t Snobaponack or Snubhampton.

It’s Flower Hill, which nobody knows.

Near Roslyn, it has the top dollar designation.

USA’s wealthiest? Little Orinda which nobody cares about either, but overlooks Oakland, nearby to San Fran’s great, rich homes, which also happen to overlook the homeless.

MIgrants waiting outside of the shelter at the Roosevelt Hotel in Manhattan.
MIgrants waiting outside of the shelter at the Roosevelt Hotel in Manhattan.
Seth Gottfried

In the Hamptons. Rich jalopies will be celebrating Porsche’s 75th anniversary.

The deal’s Italian brunch. Olive oil mixing with motor oil on some lawn at some Bridgehampton share that’s probably for sale. Morgan Stanley, Remy Martin sponsors. Benefits Southampton Animal Shelter.

One annoyed local: “Took four hours, 45 minutes just to make a ­Beyoncé concert in Jersey.”

Hamptons traffic makes NYC’s crosstown look like the Sahara.

Also, it’s really hot weather — like Death Valley — around DC.

How about burning Attorney General dumdum Merrick Garland’s behind.

Liberals think the sweat’s worth it to protect progressives — even though best to be said about them is: May their tripe decrease. 

Hollywood goes to the dogs

Humans act like animals in movies. Now animals are acting like humans in movies.

Jamie Foxx and Will Ferrell’s “Strays,” about a lost dog trying to find home, is wandering into theaters. R-rated, this pooch has a potty mouth.

Ferrell: “It’s revenge doggie style. Filthy — but sweet. Goal is to bite the owner’s thing off.” Lovely. Great for kids.

Bring Alpo. 

Playtime ends

We lost Pee-wee Herman. I remember him telling me he’s going into “serious acting.”

He said: “I’ll be like De Niro.” Fun guy.

Paul Reubens — the actor who played Pee-Wee Herman — passed away at the age of 70.
Paul Reubens — the actor who played Pee-Wee Herman — passed away at the age of 70.
Courtesy Everett Collection

Staged stag parties, porno films, in ’91 actually stayed with Doris Duke, later proved he’s no peewee when he pleasured himself in a movie theater.

Arrested. Not once. Twice.

Heaven will have a good time with Pee-wee.

String things

More high life: Per Tokyo’s Mme. 

Dewi Sukarno, widow of Indonesia’s first president: Sept. 9 Japanese violinist Ikuko Kawai will be in concert at Lincoln Center’s Rose Theater accompanied by the Japanese and Western orchestra Hibiki.

Its poster now adorns Rose Theater’s outside wall.

Mme. Sukarno’s arriving with 30 reserved $150 seats. Her gala dinner afterward is another 180 — dollars not yen.

Spacey drivers

Congress is now examining UFO info because — as you’ve heard — a witness claimed the government’s concealing aircraft which crashed on their turf.

OK, but if it is so — and this is just my low-level opinion — that outer space pilot must be really dumb.

Traveling over 100,000 light years through a 10 million planet galaxy only to crash in Vegas?

And crap up a crapshoot? 

Rumors: Washington’s stimulus package will strengthen the economy and create new restaurant jobs. Great. Put Hunter in charge of operating the cheese shredder.

Only in New York, kids, only in New York.

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