Spirits, Sex, and Power: The Empire of Hollywood’s Psychic Medium to the Stars

You won’t find him on a television screen. His voice is rarely heard on the radio. In fact, he graciously declines hundreds of interview requests each year. This is by design. Though far from being the most visible or recognized face in the world of psychic insight, many assert that Celebrity Psychic Medium Kenneth Drake is one of the most powerful, most influential names within the psychic industry today. With a career spanning two decades, his sultry and seductive voice has been the firebrand behind many of the most successful psychic networks since the turn of the millennium. Now, in a rare interview, Kenneth Drake pulls back the curtain on his career as one of Hollywood’s most beloved psychics. And make no mistake, disarming southern charm aside, he now rules his empire with complete control.

For Kenneth Drake, his isn’t the sort of spirituality one would expect to find at spiritual retreats or in meditation groups. Instead, his is an artfully crafted mix of spirituality and entertainment – the sort of performer one might expect to find on the Vegas strip, in a darkened bar, a glass of Bourbon in hand. And he unashamedly makes no apologies for it. While many in the realm of spirituality promote a more rigid path, Drake’s message has always been one of simplicity. “It needs to feel good,” he says with a grin. The message resonates.

At the turn of the century, in an age when the psychic industry was relegated to gimmicky, late-night infomercials, Kenneth Drake quickly became the top advisor on top psychic networks throughout the United States and Canada – holding the position for fifteen consecutive years. While some performers of the bygone era struggled to find success, Drake leveraged “chilling” accuracy and performance to secure lucrative network deals, becoming linked as personal advisor to the likes of literal rock stars, adult film stars, televangelists and even politicians, while being given direct access to their deepest, darkest, most scandalous secrets. As depicted in the 2022 HBO Max documentary Call Me Miss Cleo, many advisors of the era followed scripts to keep customers on the line. For Kenneth Drake however, he says, “Not all of us were using scripts in those days.”

To better understand this, though, one would have to understand the world of psychic networks. As far as psychic “jobs” go, Kenneth Drake never applied. Instead, he was recruited – at 18 years of age. “I was working part-time at a local bookstore and could barely afford gas to get to work,” he says. He laughs, “Hell, it didn’t really matter because the car wouldn’t start half the time anyway.” It’s relatable. “By the end of the week I was the head of a corporation. For better or worse, I haven’t had an employer since.” In a world of performers and entertainers, Kenneth Drake, already known throughout the southeast as a firebrand within religious circles of the rural south for his vivid “visions,” was recruited as a sort of “closer” by top network executives. “Anyone can call a psychic line for entertainment. It takes someone with accuracy to keep them coming back.”

Though he refuses to divulge the celebrity clientele who still call him, Drake admits to being busier than ever, with many in the world of entertainment still refusing to make a move without first consulting him for guidance. And as far as his exercising of control goes, some fans who have followed his career have jokingly referred to him as the “Christian Grey” of the industry. The long-awaited release of his memoir, originally slated for fall of 2022, has been shelved by his demands, despite various lucrative offers from publishers. The reason? Ten sentences that he insists on having included, verbatim. And where the current offers from network television are concerned, Kenneth Drake says, simply, “My days of being a brand ambassador for networks are over. These days, if it happens, it’s done my way. Always.”

Now, twenty years after beginning his career and now a “free agent” no longer tied to contractual network agreements, there are subtle rumblings of what the world of Kenneth Drake might now look like with the full backing of the Hollywood elite. He says, “I get to be myself now. Whatever that means.”

This week, via his social media accounts, a cryptic post teased an “upcoming announcement” slated for August 1st this year. When asked for any insight into what the post might mean, Drake laughs, “It isn’t August 1st yet.”  According to reports, as of the time of this writing, those on his mailing list have received the same cryptic message. It was also discovered that within the previous week, Kenneth Drake has been once again linked to the same management firm who sponsored his first headlining tour twenty years ago, causing some to speculate that Kenneth Drake as a “free agent” may resemble the Kenneth Drake that audiences and his celebrity clientele came to know and love two decades ago – one perfectly crafted for the stage. The world will find out on August 1st apparently.

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